Add, Update, Search and Delete using Listview Control

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Hello guy'z, this is a simple application on how to
    add, update, search and delete using listview control..

Hope it will help..

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If Gender Male then lvStudentInfo.ListItem show font cooler Red.
And If Gender Female then lvStudentInfo.ListItem show font cooler Black.

how can i search through number?

High Rommel, I need to display data on a form in a system whereby the general details of a student are displayed on textboxes eg class and the rest of the details are shown on a grid such that if a command button NEXT or PREV is clicked, the class should move for example from class A to class B and the grid should have also moved to the next group hence displaying the details of students from class B and so on. If necessary, you can send this to my e-mail adress: [email protected]

If Gender Male then lvStudentInfo.ListItem show font cooler Red.
And If Gender Female then lvStudentInfo.ListItem show font cooler Black

hello im Heidelberg Margaha a BS in computer science course, and a 3rd year student.I am now making a simple Student Information System project using vb6 but still i dont know how to use the MS word that can be added to my certain project,that can be print some Form 137-A in high-school files.Im hoping for your help to solve my big problem as of now. Thank you and have a nice can just email me here [email protected]

thanks,,,its been a big help,,,keep it up,,,godbless

very very very nice system kuya
ahe he he =)

wala po kayong code na parang ganyan rin pero vb 2010 ang gamit

Bang Rom.
Gimana membuat sintaks nya bila
aku mau menghapus data pada database ku lebih dari satu data, tapi dengan menggunakan/menambahkan checkbox yg telah difasilitasi oleh listview control tsb.
Dengan kata lain...
Menghapus data pada database, berdasar data apa saja yang telah kita checkbox pada listview control tampilkan.

please pencerahannya ke mail : [email protected]

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