High School Enrollment System

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This system provides 5 modules.
1.) Enrollment Module - controller of subjects for student and etc.
2.) Registrar Module - student registration and etc.
3.) Cashier Module - Billing of accounts, payment of accounts, and other important reports
4.) Grader Module
5.) Administrative Module

This system also includes graphical scheduling procedure on room, subjects and teachers., Cashiering procedure, grader and many many more..

This system pass through a panel defend.. If you have time please visit my blogs about this system I also include in my blog the full documentation of our system..


I would like to thanks Mr. Vicente Jamero, because his Enrollment System version is our guide in creating this system... Thank you so much...

Have a nice day fellow programmers...

Instruction on how to configure this system:
1.) Go to CSC182 folder -> Controls-> OCX... Copy all the ActiveX Controls to C:\Windows\System32 folder then run the Register Batch file on the CSC182\Controls\OCX..

2.) Once you already done on registering all the ActiveX.. You can now run the whole system...

Thank you...

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Hi Philip, pwede bang magpatulong sayo? Thesis proposal na kasi namin ngayon. Pwede ka bang mag suggest ng title? Salamat. :)


[email protected]
[email protected]

Boss.. asan po full docu. Nito? Nag aaral kasi aq advance e gusto ko sana mabasa para malamn pano gumawa nadin TIA..

good day sir..! can I ask for the ms access password? I can't find the password in the vb project... kindly send me the password in my email address, [email protected]... thanks and more power to you...

Good day sir! I want to learn more about your system where can i find the codes? Becasue were planning to do an enrollment system..Plz Help Me..Tnx...

sir good day. please send me the database password, i realy need it. thank you in advance. God bless you.
[email protected]


sir pahingi po nang database password. send lng po dito sa mail ko.
[email protected]


Sir please send me database password.,, for my reference, i need to make an assessing and controlling subject. please help.,

how to download your system here?

im taking my thesis subject now.. can someone help me or suggest any special features in my enrollment system.. high school enrollment system.. it's a LAN-Based..
u can email me at [email protected]
thank you so much guys..

Good day Sir, when i run your program there is an error saying "compiler error: user-defined type not defined" at enrollment platform - pickdepartment(code) line Private Sub listRecord_ColumnClick(ByVal ColumnHeader As MSComctlLib.ColumnHeader)
SortLV listRecord, ColumnHeader.Index - 1
End Sub
please help thanks
my email is @[email protected]

Good day sir! We also want to learn more about your system where can i find the codes? Becasue were planning to do an enrollment system

Paano po to mag print

sir pahelp nmn po sa highschool enrollment system ko. need ko lng tlga, di ko kasi alam panu gawin. meron na lang akong 2weeks, di ko mparun tong sayo . ung sakin wlang bayaran ng tuition fee. vb.net gagamitin ko. baka pde nyo ko mtulungan.

Hi Philip,

I always admire your work. Meron ka bang enrollment system for college?

Thanks... Meron... pro not for open source.....

error as : "the module lvbuttob.ocx was loaded but the call to dllregisterserver failed with errorcode 0x80004005. can u help me pls?

pls send me tha admin password too..thanks :)

i can't be able to run it..I already did the instructions but Register Batch is having an error..what should I do?

pls email me the password.

can some one send me a fresh copy it does not seems to work,, [email protected]

How to run Program??? i had try to update it,, by using Visual Studio 2008 to .exe file,, but it said that run time 7, and i cant open it using VB 6,, help please,, or send me and updated version [email protected]

sir i want to convert the database of this project into sqlserver databse .......how should i do.......can u help me to do that....what major changes i have to be do in the project.......plz.....reply me to resolve my problem........my mail id is [email protected] ........????????

maraming salamat pre, galing ng system na to, dami ko napulot d2 tnx!

sir, can i help me in enrollment in high school..:(
I do not what to do..
can we sent me in ym
this is my yahoo messenger [email protected]..

how to run this system after registering the active x control and running register.bat?? nothing happens when i clicked it :/

I try to register the ocx files but still theres an error
the system is not running. is this compatible to windows 7?

Yes this system is compatible with Windows 7... if that error occurs then try to upgrade your windows 7 to Windows 7 SP1... because it is due COM compatibility issue on Windows 7 that's why many activeX components are not properly installed or registered.

is this compatible to windows seven os?

sir please give me a password for your database..
thnk you

i am new in vb and we have a thesis proposal
and i want to submit an enrollment system
i just want to have an idea what i gonna do ?

hi mr. i do like you work am an upcoming programmer and may say that you have helped me a lot. wanted just to ask if i can get the similar project in visual basic 2010 express and sql server 2008. thanks.

Thanks for appreciating my work... uhmmm I don't have a VB.Net version for this one but I have an on going C# Project for this... and it is still in MS Access and soon to be upgraded to MySQL...

Maybe I'll soon 2 upload it in here...

I am currently testing your codes but i've encountered an error on the Cashier module "Method or data member not found" and it points on this line "mdiMain.b8CW.LoadChildWindow".I've already copied and registered all the files from the OCX folder to the system32 folder. Thank You for sharing your codes,and i will be patiently waiting for your response.Keep up the good work and God Bless!

I never seen any error on my system... maybe you need to register again the b8controls activeX.... try to download again my System...

I'm new in visual basic...and I'm developing an enrollment system in C#...I just want to know the logic for cashiering...how can i see your code for it?

Download my system... and run the Cashier Platform.vbp.... coz thats the module for cashiering part in my enrollment system...

I am currently testing your codes but i've encountered an error on the Cashier module "Method or data member not found" and it points on this line "mdiMain.b8CW.LoadChildWindow".I've already copied and registered all the files from the OCX folder to the system32 folder. Thank You for sharing your codes,and i will be patiently waiting for your response.Keep up the good work and God Bless!

do you have a research paper about this one?? plzz send me @ [email protected]. thank you. Godbless :D

.....juzt download my system... the full documentation of the system is there,,,,,


Your fucking Program was so easy there is no something special ...

thankyou you have fb?? :)

hi sir...i am very much interested in your system....is it possible to run this program in ms visual basic 2010 express?!

my knowledge is not enough to understand the compatibility of this program..pardon :)

thanks :)))

sir.. can you help me W/ my Elementary Enrollment system?
i don't know what to do:((

1.) If you create a system intending for a certain school which is existed then go to that school and conduct an interview.Ask the methods and procedures in conducting enrollment and admission etc.. When you conduct your interview, collect all the very important facts you need in making your system..

2.) Once you all have the data collected, gather those and create an outline of your system or a dummy of your system(GUI only, no code yet)..If you know all the methods and procedures in enrollment then you can visualize what would be its best design, that the end-user would understand it easily.

3.) Add codes on those dummy you created then make some testing like adding,editing,deleting and searching. Then when everything is done finalize your system, put some effects or nice GUI's add-ins...

4.) MOST OF ALL..... Create a database about enrollment then normalize the database..

Thats all I could help...

could u please help me have a code for enrollment system that out of java.Thank u

Conflicting names were found in C:\documents and settings \Csc182\administative Platform\formsPrintTeacher.frm

Those conflicting names are just okay... it never affects the system in the runtime....

This is my best download in sourcecodester so far, but many people may find it a little bit hard to run the program properly.
Thanks itachi_philip.

Hi programmers,i have a project at hand is Designing and implementaion of Data compression software. Pls help me out with the code.thanx have a splendid day. Send it true [email protected]


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