Simple Phone book database

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This program shows how to make simple database using vb.net2008
and ms acces 2007, sana mkatulong for beginners

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


down load n mga pare

The University of Manila

i get this error message when i run the program...

i am new to vb 2008, can you help me in my learning process? ajejejeje thanks in advance, hope to hear from you soon,,,,

what is the exact error? please make it specific.

I like the interface and want to known about Next, Last, First, Previous button coding.
Please known me, how to download or how to get urs sourcecode?

[email protected]

ill try to download it and no problem occured, anyway i'll try to reupload it again.

sanitary coding :) nice tol.. post lang kau..
nga pala salamat sa connection string ng access07

your welcome, thnx din. uo post lng tau ng post, hehe

how can i get the source code?

just download the zip file.

can you email me the codes ??At [email protected]

tnx for sharing! it will help me a lot!!

Thank u my friend sharing it
I really need that for my final project

i got it download but i could not open the form its poping error like its done in some other version.
how to open the design?

you need a Visual Studio 2008 to open that file. and also ms office 2008 for the database.

Can I use FoxPro for this? You may not believe it but I still have my FoxPro copy on my hard drive! I'm very comfortable using it!

-Net 10 phones

Thanks for your upload. i converted successfully 2010 vb. i added my name and phone number but it says enter student name to be search even though i gave correct text and case. i cant figure out what may cause this error can u please tell me the solution or please redirect to the correct code. once again thanks

sorry, i'll check my code, maybe i forgot to put some codes needed..., anyway i will fix it soon

which vb version u r using for phonebook

Can I edit this code as I cant seem to make changes to the code?

Thank you dear friend
Hopefully in a successful and proud always be a good web Dlryd

Thanks Dude

thanks sir

Thank You!!! It works and it's easy to understand :)

Hi NoyPi02,

I tried to use your source codes but, it compiles well but:
1. If enter Data, the Names are not inserted but other data is inserted successfully in the access table.

2. Within my source codes, when I click add to add new record it does not clears the text boxes but it rather options for editing only.

My email: [email protected]. Can you give me your email so that I send you the project to review and help me where the error is ?.

Thanks very much for the efforts here!

Pahelp lang po ako sa inyo mga idol..does anyone has a stored coding file here in creating phonebook using C, C++ or Java??

gud evening ,Sir wala bang VB 6.0 na code? Para sa telephone directory system? project namin sa OOP ito,..,pls send me a code in my e mail,, [email protected],, tnk you, God bless..

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