Sending SMS using SMS Gateway (Clickatell) as requested !!

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As requested here's my sample of Sending SMS using SMS gateway (HTTP). No need for SIM, Modems or even load.. All we need is an account from Clickatell  and Buy Credits using Paypal or CC from the Best SMS Gateway (Clickatell).

This SMS Gateway is using by Big Companies like Easy Forex, T-MAC, Global Forex Trading, Money Bookers, etc,, Even me , Im using this Superb SMS services ,(",) (too bad its too expensive,,lol)

The Clickatell's HTTP API supports PHP, .NET, JAVA, Python, Ruby, Cold Fusion etc

so all programmers will benefits to this, not only Windows based programmers but also Non-windows platform based..


For more info and questions , just contact me.



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Tanong ko lang kung meron ka din for COMAPI..

heloo, sir. i am a std 11th student i own a website but it has subdomain name . i want to provide my users a service in which they can send sms through my website for free all over the world without registering. for that i am looking for a java script code that allows user to send sms through my way2sms account but i also want that the user could not see my login name and password

is it possible?
i do not have money to do all these can you help me?

MAIL AT [email protected]

if you help i will be always gratefull of yours.

Hello Sir,
Please help me, i have no idea how to implement SMS server for
--------Auto messages generator for clients on specific events like transaction in account ,and
--------response receiver for polling through mobile phone.

Sir, please guide me and if any C# code is available mail me at [email protected]

i have made a project with the MS Access database file name "data". Inside the form1 i have a textbox1 for a codenumber, textbox2 for a name of a sender, textbox3 for the subject matters/particulars/concerns,combobox1 for an agency name, datetimepicker1 for date received, datetimepicker2 for date acted, button1 for save in database and button 2 to print reports. In my MS Access database, i have 1 table named "incoming" and inside the table there are fields named "code number, first name, last name, concerns, agency, date received, date acted". Inside the form2 i put crystalreportviewer for the data to display to print. I added also the crystalreport.rpt using the standard report wizard->connect using OLE DB(ADO) for my MS Access database. All fields from database are displayed in crystalreport main report tab. My problem is i can't filter data to report/print in crystalreport. I want to filter it by date received with a range of two dates looks like "from :Dec.1,2011 To : January 1,2011". Filter by Agency name, and by Sender and by code number.
Please help me people who has a mercy on me..I will very much thanks to you if you can give me the solution of it.I'm only beginner of visualstudio2010 crystalreport. Please send me the whole project with it's code or even the crystalreport filter code only.

now the site domain is .in

ihope it works for me and thank you for al

Goodluck..Happy Coding

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Keep on uploading your sample codes guys!!! tnx a lot...i owe much of this site!

Goodluck..Happy Coding

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

bro, is clickatell is a free sms gateway?

bro, Clickatell is not free.
You can check the link below.

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

ang lupet mo na 2l, bigatin n

impossible..D maari,,,Ung technique n un

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

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