.NET TV Tuner (Digital/Cable/Analog )

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 By 2015 all analog/Cable TV will be replalced by Digital TVs using Digital Signal like in Japan and other advance countries

The NTC decided that the Philippines will use and adopt the ISDB-T, finally.

So geek-gadgets people can watch live HD Channels for  free and Paid (PPV) from their PSP, Mobile Phones ,Tablets and ofcource PC and Laptops.




I decided to do a research in order to interface and  create a Windows based Digital TV Tuner using .NET and COM32 components. 

Hardware Requirements:

1)Digital TV Tuner Installed (in my case I used Pixel View and Encore TV Tuners)


Programming Requirements:

1)MSVidCtl (COM32 Components)

sample Codes still in BETA.

Bugs, Comments, question ?



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Hello Emond,
I lowered the file .zip of the tv tuner and I don't get open in the vb2008, it will be that came with problem in the .zip, please to order for me in the email [email protected].

thank you I am in I await it.
Joel Coutinho - Brasil -

that is great work sir . Really nice app

very good thanks !

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