How to Add-Update-Delete Record with Search Function

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The source code contain here will teach you on how to search a database with various Fieldname. The sample is based on the previous source code I uploaded here called How to Add/Update/Delete Record using MS Access Database.

I created this because there are still some newbie programmer who wants to learn how searching of database works.

I hope this will help you on some way.

Happy coding!

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Thank you so much.

Hi Admin
Can you make this exemple,but now with add a picture too ?

hello, i don't have any idea about transaction in library system, please someone help us, we don't know what codes we will be use for module of borrowing books and return of books

I am selva
I am doing a dacument control database Software.I have Some Problems In the Database.I am using the Access2007 database.In the vb2010 form I have 40 textboxes.I wants to Save ,Delete ,Update and Search the Records from the Database.Please send me the code for these Functions.My e-mail ID is [email protected]

thank you for this

Good Job

good day

patulong naman po para ma i run tong program. anu kelangan ko para mairun to.

thank you

Good day guys,

gusto ko sana matuto ng programming. i tried reading from net kaya lang nakaka confuse. panu ko mai run tong update delete add na database?

[email protected]

thank you

guys need your help, i want to include crystal report in this program i don't know where to start, thanks in advance.

I am Satheesh
I am doing a Billing database Software.I have Some Problems In the Database.I am using the Access database.In the form I have 40 textboxes.I wants to Save ,Delete ,Update and Search the Records from the Database.Please send me the code for these Functions.My e-mail ID is "[email protected]"


hi all programmers!!!nice to meet you!!! im Bryan..i'm a student...and i am using visual basic in our class........our topic is in the database system using adodc in vb......please help me.!!!!!!!!! jejeje

cge mag upload ako ng tutorial ng adodc just w8 lng.

if i were you bryan,dont use adodc ..make use of adodb or mysql statement..Adodc kasi mas nkakagulu yan..swear..

Consultant / .Net Developer

::[email protected]::


i think you're wrong...
madali lng gumamit ng adodc,
like this
adodc1.connectionstring = yourConnectinstring
adodc1.recordsource = SQLstatement

delcare at runtime

your wrong,,,ADODB is much better than Adodc..

hihi...adodc makaluma na..ggmit kpa ng adodc control pra mkaconek....khit saan kam form andun ung dka mkapg update delete ung adodc.ggmit k pren tlga nam cmd..tama tama..

Consultant / .Net Developer

::[email protected]::


dpende nlng s gumagit yan,
gumagamit din ako ng adoddb, pra skin kc mas madali adodc,

hahahaha..^^..pero kasi lhat nam programmer eh d na gumagit nam adodc.d na xa approachble db..^^

i want to learn more about vb 6.0 and also i want to learn the basic of my problem is i couldn't find any installer for you have one? can you share it with me?thx


iii ss37q p09

Dear friend I have good skill in oracle(database).If you need any help about database so,you ask question in my e-mail
my e-mail is [email protected] so,i will provide valuable information for you

you want to learn vb 6.0 programming language download the ms visual studio 6.0 installer the install it to your PC...meron ako kaso kunin ko pah sa yahoo ko bigay mo lng email add u..send ko lng sau...

You can download a trial version of here:

You can purchase it or try the Express Editions of Visual studio in the Microsoft website.
For Visual Basic ^.0 version you can download it in a torrent site like

Hope it will help you,

Best regards,

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

delete or update the record of ms access(oledb) using dot net platform

i can get the exact code using add delete button with ubbound database pls can u teach me some other simple example? tnx in advance

Private Sub btnDelete_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnDelete.Click
Dim CustomerID As String

For Each sItem As ListViewItem In lvList.SelectedItems
CustomerID = sItem.Text

If CustomerID <> "" Then
'Delete the selected record
Dim strDeleted As Boolean

strDeleted = ExecNonQuery("DELETE Customers.CustomerID FROM Customers WHERE CustomerID= '" & CustomerID & "'")

If strDeleted = "True" Then
MsgBox("Record's deleted.", MsgBoxStyle.Information)

Call FillList()
End If
MsgBox("Please select record to delete.", MsgBoxStyle.Critical)
End If
End Sub

Very nice thanx for teaching us love u gys ur so the best....

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