Driving Licence Management System

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Hi this is the driving licence management system software, according to Nepal Licence keeping system.It does not have full feature,it run under minor project of the college student...that i share you...

This might be helpful for you, ....Thanks.



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Thank you very much for project

Please send me the documentation of this project, this will help me to learn my course of software engineering

hi thank you very mach i like your talent keep it up
can i ask u one thing can i edit the code please tell me the way
do you have budget management system in php with its database please send for my thanks

It's a Nice App really... I think we can improve on it by adding Image capture and retrieval from database.. Can't we? I'm currently working on it!

thanks for this system hope i will improve my programming skills from it

its usefull guide........

U simply work great.... thanks a lot...!!

Can u please send me a documentation of your application to ma email ([email protected]) please man i love it.

can u tel me how to connect this project to online... because it is 1st time i am using this asp.net ........i don't no the basic also.....so.....

Post me a forms which were used in this project. i am working in visual basic.
i also need help on how to make project.exe file with out using file--> make project.exe.....
do as soon as possible... because i have to submit project till 31st dec....
please help me out of it.......

This is off the hook ..can u please send me a documentation of your application to ma email ([email protected]) please man i love it.

you can find project documentation in website search in google with driving licence system.It is uploaded in sharing website.

wonder fool kdk

HEYY....can ny1 help me because i m nt able to do it....car parking system in vb.net .....as soon as posible

your work is great keep it up

I like it , please keep posting.

what is password and username?

Run it from Bin .Exe file.Thanks..

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