Auto Generate Id Logic Application

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Good Day! Guys!
This is my first upload here,Hope this code will help you.
More Codes to come if I'm not busy ^_^!
Proud to be Pinoy!
And by the way I'm only a beginner.
God Bless!

Thanks Guys!

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Guys well done!

I have seen this code but how can I apply it to an MS Access Table as my backend?

This code would be more meaningful if it was used with an MS Access table. Please, help me?

How can I make it read an already inserted id in the table using SQL statement such that it can increment it by 1?

Thank you for your help.


Ngabo Adrian

Hello sir,
thanks a lots for helping.
i am new in programming.
when i become a programmer then i will also try to help others....


u know how to develop a grade inquiry system using

Just add me in YM xianfelix06 so we can talk about it.


Salamat nakatulong ka ung ginawa mo specialy 2lad ko na beginers..good luck have mor ttorials.. God Bles..

Salamat I will do more to help our fellow Filipino Developers Specially Us Beginners


Kindly Pls. Leave any Short Comment
Pretty much appriciated ^_^ Tnx!
God Bless!
Love your Work ^_^


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