A Simple Ms-Access Database Application

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Hi, This is simple ms-database application, i would like to thanks sourcecodester.I only modify the program, help taken from this web.This is useful for beginner like me.

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Perfect software for beginners

How about on combobox.

I got an error Child field ms cannot be created.

please help.

Bunch of thanks in advance.

I'm tRil I played on your code and added it on my thesis payroll system.

How about in comboBox can you add some tutorial, plz..

i will like to have a source code that analyse data in the form of wave curves

Hello im mary .Can you help me about my Project in Reservation System?
her are the some Question that i want you to answer
1. Background of the Study About reservation System?
2.State of the problem?
a. general Problem?
b. Specific Problem?
3. Objectives Of the Study?
a.general Objective?
b.Specific Objective?
4. Significance of the Study?
5.Scope & limitations?

It seems that you need help on Documentation of your Feasibility Study. I can send you mine for your reference.

we got a case study of inventory system in vb.net and we want to have the code of how of it. can u pls help us. I'm angelie

hai i'm dyan... kindly please help me on having he codes fir sales and inventory system..please....thanks a lot..:D

pano po ba magwa ng visual basic .6 ng inventory system
how i wish ma2lungan nyo po ako ...at yng step by step ...plssssssssss help me

Hi i found payroll system in vb.net from web.

This is the link


You may use vb.net to c# converter to get code in c#.

i like to get all the code of payroll system in c#.net.

im jean

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