Simulating a Talking ATM system

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This is a talking Atm system I developed for a friend as a final year research project . this system is design for a blind customer of a bank. This system has all the features of a real ATM with additional features of a voice assistant.

1. Has a splash screen or welcome screen like the real ATM.
2. Has a login screen like the real ATM.
3. Will offer you options to withdraw, change pin, recharge your phone, and check balance like in your real ATM.
4. Our ATM talks when a button is press.
5. Customer can change it default pin to it desire pin for safety like in real ATM.

I developed the program using 2008 and ms access.
To login into the system copy an account number and pin of any customer from the cust_data table in the database .

For more information contact me @ walter or [email protected] or +2348067361023

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please share login details

how the audio simulated

Check the database to see the account number and pin number. You can see it in the "bin/x86/debug folder"

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