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booking system

JLT Traveller’s Inn Reservation System

This JLT Reservation system is a capstone project of BSIT student as their final requirement of the said subject. Using this system,the user is able to view gallery of JLT Traveller’s Inn. It can also allow the guest user to reserve a room. This system has an admin side wherein the administrator can view and update and delete the reserved rooms. The admin side has also a user management system

Justine’s Guest House Online Reservation System

This is a complete sourcecode for Online Hotel Reservation System is created using PHP/MySQL that allows the guest to view room with equivalent rates whether a room is available or not. The system also can be used for easy storing and retrieval of information of guest and their transactions. And this system also integrated in the booking of hotel rooms. And the admin side of this system has the

Online Hotel Booking System Review

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industry in the world and one of the vital needs of the tourist is an efficient and reliable hotel booking system which will benefit both parties the hotel owners and its customers. The Online Hotel Booking System is one of the easiest and user-friendly program that can be added by hotel owners to their existing website to manage the reservation and booking of clients. The system will provide hotel owners, apartments, room rentals, and other facilitates whi