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Learn and Understand AngularJS Review

Are you looking for a course that could help you fully understand AngularJS and master the concepts behind it? The Learn and Understand AngularJS could be the perfect course to achieve that. This course has a high rating as it sits comfortably at 4.6 and has more than fifty thousand enrolled students. Learn and Understand AngularJS This comprehensive course is perfect for web designers and developers who want to master AngularJS and the concepts behind it. Furthermore, this course also welcomes people who do not longer want to do things manually with the utilization of jQuery. In this course, you will be taught about the terminologies in AngularJS like services, transclusions, directives, and many more. The utilization of AngularJS would be much easier if you know about the terms. This course will also teach you how to build a Single Page Application or more commonly known as SPA in AngularJS. This course will definitely help you fully understand AngularJS including the JavaScript concepts in it. The only requirements aside from the purchase of this course are text editor and browser and a basic understanding of JavaScript and as well as HTML. In this comprehensive course, you will be taught by a UX designer, architect, and software developer Anthony Alicea who has learned how to program since he was as young as twelve years of age.

What Others Say About This Course

Very well laid out, logical and thorough. The subject is the JavaScript Framework, so you must know basic javascript programming. Complex javascript concepts used by Angular1 are explained well in the course. Encapsulated lessons divided into logical chunks with a great progression from lesson to lesson. This course focuses purely on Angular1 with some bootstrap CSS for real world styling. You'll need to know how basic bootstrap styling works if you want things pretty, so read up about the bootstrap grid system and the navbar component of bootstrap if you aren't already familiar.
Mr William Janoch
This is the very good course i am across after researching on various websites. for the people who want to make choice AngularJS as there career this is the right place as course contains good explanation and examples.
- Rambabu
I loved the way this course was designed and executed. It helped me understand not only what AngularJS does but how it does it. Great job done by instructor and very well explained. I felt very happy to have done this course and I was able to learn a lot.
- Aditya Majety You can have this comprehensive course and take the path that will lead you to a full understanding of AngularJS at a very low price. Including a seven-hour on-demand video, five articles, accesses on mobile and television, a fulltime access, and a certificate of completion, you can have this at only $10. Originally and without the 94% discount, it is sold at $175.