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Learn 3D Modelling – The Complete Blender Creator Course Review

Do you want to bring your wonderful models into life? This Learn 3D Modelling – The Complete Blender Creator Course can make that happen. This course which has more than four thousand enrolled students and bears a rating of 4.7 will teach you how to use Blender, a platform used in making models which can be exported to a 3D printer or any game engine. 3D Modelling This is a course for anyone who wants to bring their models to life by making them in three dimension. Both beginners and experts in the field of constructing models are accommodated in this comprehensive course. The only requirement in this course is a PC or a Mac that can run the Blender Version 2.77 or higher than it. By purchasing it at only $10, this course will teach you the concepts of modelling, the basics of animation, and how to wrap and unwrap the models. Furthermore, since this is project-based wherein learnings are really tested through the application, you will learn how to create personal materials and as well as three dimensional models with colors. You will also be taught how to export the models to other packages. Through this course, you will know how to design your ideal car or even your dream house.

What Others Say About This Course

Only by doing the first sections of this course I can say, that this course is great! It is focused on the most relevant information and the presentation is professional and funny. I'm working through the last section now and I definitely learned some useful skills in 3D design. The course was getting harder towards the end but thanks to the nice instruction of Michael and Ben I could follow along. Great job guys!
- Stefan Kappellusch
The instructor is doing an amazing job, he speaks clearly and the instructions are easy to understand. ...Updated review at halfway mark of the course...The instructor is still awesome, I am learning so much more than I imagined, my only regret is not finding this course sooner.
- Kimberly Atkinson
This is an excellent introduction to the vast Super tool that is Blender. Only a quarter in and I have learnt to make complete models ready for importing to my game engine. The tutors' pace is perfect for beginners like me and is clear and concise and easy to understand. Overall a well thought out production and the value of the content is high, In my opinion the best on Udemy that I have seen so far.
- Danny Arnold
I have previously used Blender actively for about a year and a half. This course has still been teaching me things in just the 1st 2 sections. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone interested in Blender. But you may want to have a different course bought to change things up a little because it does start to get long.
- Dka13 Donovan Magney
Banging course! Thoroughly enjoyed every part so far. Pace is good for a noob like me even if I have to play a lesson a few times to get the hang of things. You can see the care and thoughtfulness the instructors put into the content, even down to details like answering the 2 and 3 star reviews for feedback to improve themselves and the learner. Thanks guys!
- Jack Dally


The price of this course is really low as compared to the bundles of learning that you could get from it. The $15 price is already giving you as 92% discount from its original price which is $195. Moreover, there are lots of supplemental resources that are included in the purchase.