Attendance Management System Using PHP/MySQLi

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Attendance Management System is a web based developed for daily employee attendance in company. If facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular employee in a particular work place.

- View dashboard
- Count admin login
- View employee's timein/timout
- Delete record of employee
- Add employee information
- Print pdf/excel

======EMPLOYEE LOGIN=======

- Individual timein/timeout per employee


- Show your daily timein/timeout
- Trace your ip/pc name

-bootstrap 4

- DATABASE: attendance_sys.sql

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its possible if i am going to put biometric for the time in and time out?


Please Tell me The Admin password

Hi Dear sir.
Can I Get Admin password And Full Source Code
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hi, this is a great system. Can you share the full sourcecode with me.
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please help me with the full source code and admin password, thank you

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Pls Tell me Admin password...

thank you for the support
need a full source code

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