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Online Examination Management System Using PHP/MySQL
This project is powerful exam management system using for College/University.
The scope of the projects:
1. The administrator creates a user account for departments and has the privilege to manage all the users.
2. The department gets privileges and login into the system and import students, instructors and course details of the department.
3. The instructor also gets the privilege to access the system and log into the system and then prepare questions and manage student results.
4. The students also login to the system and take the exam if available and then view their results.
1. Extract the zip folder and move to the apache web server director
2. Go to phpMyAdmin and create database: name it as ems
3. import all the tables from the file ems.sql which is located on the folder ems.
4. open web browser and invoke: localhost/ems/
5. the login page will appear and enter username and password.
username for administrator: admin
Password for administrator:1234
Contact me at [email protected] , for further questions.

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am unable to access the ems
replying incorrrect pass and username

Check Your user name and Password.

I have set $dbpassword = ""; for both dbsettings.php files....but when I try to create a new user from the admin panel it gives this error Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES). Ofcourse I don't use a password for my root user. Are there any other files that contains the variable $dbpassword so I could set it to empty, other than the two dbsettings.php files?

DT...tyring to interest my school to use an automated exam system, can you please send me a demo of a good one and quote.
My contact is [email protected]

Your project of ems is not working and user name and password is wrong always showing error Check Your user name and Password, why please tell me correct username and password and how its work.

Hey guys... just open the dbsettings.php and edit the your server password...
if you are not using a password for your server, then set the variable $dbpassword=""; OK
there is dbsetings.php in include directory.. edit the same too ...I just did and is working.. chill

Please is not working on mine i edited the dbsettings in the root folder and in include folder but still nothing is coming up giving me a blank page even when i inputed wrong details

username and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not workingusername and password not working

user naem ,Psssword is notworking please send user name and password to my mail
[email protected]

It is not accept the username and password. ???

locate the file
configure the file as
$active_group = 'default';
$active_record = TRUE;
$db['default']['hostname'] = 'localhost';
$db['default']['username'] = 'hms';
$db['default']['password'] = 'hms';
$db['default']['database'] = 'hms';

It displays only chek your user name and password and it is not completed yet...

its giving error
check your username and password
what to do ?

it needs some configuration, contact me @ [email protected]

It has an error while I want to log into the system(error of username and password.) shall U try to support me?

Hello , please can you give me the username and password for admin/login page

I solved the error and now it run very efficiently.

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