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Java Source Code

Free Java Source Code. Download 10 latest Java system's projects with source code for free here.

Attendance Management System (Making per hour attendance)

This is Android application which is used to take the attendance of students per hour. And by using this application, teacher can make note and also notification will come for notes which he/she make in application for taking class while taking attendance. Teacher can make list of students who all are present or absent and we can say this application is called as teacher's log book. This

Simple Chat Application Via LAN Connection

This is the 1st Version of my Last Upload *Simple Chat application using Java. Requirements 1. Simple knowledge in File Sharing from 1 PC to Another (Peer to Peer Connection) 2. Turn of your Fire Wall 3. Scan the File Before trying my code (For your own safety) A simple chat application that uses file sharing technique, I don't used a Client Server Type where you must use the PORT of the Another