Sample Face Recognition using webcam/cam, SDK

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I had  noticed , that all forum topic here is obselete. So this thing came into my mind how about face recognition does anybody here try face recognition? that can enroll and verify. I've been searching the internet and  found most of them SDK trial. I heard about the OpenCV,computer vision, but im not familiar in C# or C++ i guess?, . If someone here already did a sample program about face recognition using vb6. It would  be a big help..plz share your knowledge. thank you and god bless.

I found one in Luxand.. and its very very nice coz they provide also a sample applications with source on their SDK... with the following versions.. VB6,, C#, VC++, C and Delphi... just try it maybe it will help you...

Philip Cesar B. Garay BSIT
Mindanao State University at Naawan

[email protected]

can you help us ,,,, making face recognition in visual basic 6.... plsssssssssssssss tnx....... alot

Is it free or nah?


i need to include face recognition using in my final year computer science project. i tried in luxand but i need the real code what is inside the libraries of FACESDK??? plz plz share ur knowledge

this paper is very useful!

please help me i want fece recognition/detection system project source code in PHP/Mysql or Java


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