how to display an image from database access??

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this is my coding for the search button where actually i want all the details for the searched staff will be display

  1. Try
  4. sql = "SELECT * FROM Staff WHERE staff_ic = '" & sticnumbertxt2.Text & "'"
  5. con.Open()
  6. Dim cmd As OleDbCommand
  7. Dim dr As OleDbDataReader
  9. cmd = New OleDbCommand(sql, con)
  10. dr = cmd.ExecuteReader
  12. While dr.Read()
  13. stnametxt2.Text = dr("staff_name")
  14. staddresstxt2.Text = dr("staff_address")
  15. stpostcodetxt2.Text = dr("staff_postcode")
  16. ststatetxt2.Text = dr("staff_state")
  17. stcontacttxt2.Text = dr("staff_contact")
  18. stphonetxt2.Text = dr("staff_phone")
  19. staffid.Text = dr("staff_id")
  20. staffPictureBox2.Image = dr("staff_image")
  21. End While
  22. Catch ex As Exception
  23. MessageBox.Show(ex.Message)
  24. End Try
  25. con.Close()
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In which format you are saving image in access? A snapshot query saving image wold be beneficial!


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