Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


hi there i'm a 4th year IT student. i want your suggestions for our thesis title. our group is interested in the project with hardware.
however, we would like to ask an affordable and easy to understand hardware requirement. thankyou!

Hi sir, Harold pwede po bang patulong kung anong magandang title para sa isang campaign website para po sa province namin?

-christian. paki send na lang po sa e-mail ko.
[email protected]
salamat po

i just read your post in this page sir..and i need your help for our thesis proposal sir..we need to prepare 3 titles or more sir..and i don't have any idea on what title to present to the panelist sir..anyways im a 4th year college sir taking up bachelor of science in information technology..any suggestions sir would be a great help for may email me at [email protected] for your suggestions sir..thank you sir! God Bless and more power!:)

gud day sir, we are currently a fourth year student from QCPU, wla pa po kming naiicip na title for thesis, requirement po sa amin ang may hardware can you pls help us??

why there should be a limit in entering a wrong password?
and what will happen if a person reached the maximum number of errors?

please sir could please give any title for us to propose??
we need it so badly.. please we only had one month to do our new thesis ...please help thank you...

shinrei feij ventura

what kind of title proposal do you want?

i'm sorry about the construction of my sentence i was in a hurry that is why i constructed the sentence ungrammatically ...
sorry for that sir ... i am sorry... thank you for understanding...

shinrei feij ventura

typographical error*

contact me.
[email protected] (fb,mail)

patulong nga bgyan mo nga ako nang title about a capstone na gagawn at pat dscription na ... nagugulohan kc ako..ung alam ko my na una na kc
txt mo ako ..09068540267

hi sir, good evening, i have a problem with thesis, i am a graduating student, this coming march an IT student, and i need some help with it, what is the easiest thesis that's best fit for my proposal i am using php (dreamweaver)and my system is inventory, how do i make these kind of program if i have a partner, i don't want a partner, but our instructor wants to make it by partner..... thanks a lot and godbless

Sir,can u suggest a possible title for Info. Tech. Thesis? .......thanx!

sir nid po nmin ng thesis proposal any suggestion po?

hello sir Im IT student Im interested with your knowledge and skills.. im just a problem with my thesis, Im just looking for the resources in php programming language to develop (IS)Information system..

email : [email protected]

you're just a problem with your thesis pala eh. wag ka na mag aral brad. pnapahirapan moh lang pla thesis nyo.

buti ka pa.. thesis yung namomroblema sau... kami thesis ang pinoproblema namen.. imba ka brad.. haha!

Hahahaha. Kung ganun nga e wag nlng.

sir! i am a cs student. me and my group cannot decide what is the best title in our thesis. we are not good in programming. we need your help! we need some title. plsssss.. sir.. we are going to defend on friday!! please.

Flash Games gawing niyo. suggestion lamang.

hi sir pwede po bang mag patulong sa inyo kung anung magandang tittle ng system?

hi.. i am a I.T student... ask ko lang po kung may nakatulong sayu sa site na to? salamat

malaki naitutulong ng site na ito sa mga programmer lalo na sa mga studyante, post mo lang questions or suggestions mo kung my kelangan ka...

=>> <<==

HELP ME PLZ ,,,i need titles for thesis

Sir ask ko lang po thesis title please? IT student from Bataan. [email protected] my fb account. Please pm me. Super thanks.

pwede nyo ba ko bigyan ng mga titles ng thesis na nagawa na for my reference na related sa thesis ko "Event Registration System using Biometrics"...fingerprints...yan po yung title ko, [email protected], email ko po...

i need help for our thesis tittle hearing kasi wala pa kmi tittle,suggest lang po kung anong magandang pang thesis tittle, 4th yr IT student po ako... thank you po...

Sir. Favor. Can u give 3 title of thesis.

pano po bah gumawa ng scientific calculator sa notepade tapos ipapa run sa turbo c

...helo im a 3rd yer student....and im Info. technology..i need the best thesis..pls,help me to choose?


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