Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


I'm interested...wat system?

Does anybody know of an example employee MIS?...we'll be creating a thesis about this kasi....

yeah.. you can use visual basic 6.0 as your programming language and MS Access as your database.. What system do you want to develop?

=>> <<==

suggestion or idea of my thesis, cus i can't generate an title for my thesis. email me [email protected] or 09057880639

pwde nyo ba akong 2lungan sa aking thesis dahil pah akong title, any suggestion or idea for my thesis sub....

student information system

student information system..can u help us how to do that system
help us plsss..thnx in advance

bakit po basic 6.0 LANG ang language at MS Access Lang din yung database, hindi na naman po gaanung nagagamit yan eh, suggest ko po instead of VB6.0 eh Visual Studio o Visual na lang po, mas maganda, at yung data base eh My SqL or My SqL server, mas yun na po kasi ang demand ngayon eh, tska mas required po ng mga prof. yun lang po.. :))

suggest ka nman po if whats best title using kelangan lang.. 09487964144
[email protected]

Ill agree with you... VB6 and MS Access are not usually recommended for projects, but do you know? VB6 is the lightweight and best programming language to use in developing very large application so with Delphi with a less memory consumption... MS Access database is good for small scale application, its very redundant to use a server type database like MySQL or MSSQL on a small scale application... You should fit your database and programming language base on the application you are going to develop....

can i get your contact number incase na my itaning about sa thesis

good afternoon sir..i'm an BSIT student..looking for a thesis proposal..pls sir help me..we need to pass our thesis title on friday..any thesis sir that is related in info. tech yung may software and hardware po...sir kung pwede po ung madali-dali lang..plz contact me nlng po here's my no. 09278888434 or 09097263843, or pm me sir on my fb.. [email protected]

-anyone of you can help also..plz thanks a lot..

i have an IT Project entitle u help me/// contact me if it is possible.. that is using vb6.0 and MS Acsess!! ko jude

ahmf ano ba ang magandang title thesis na yong hindi pa existing??

Hai po.
Pwede mag pa tulong tungkol sa title ng baby thesis ko 10 to 12 words po kasi.
Wala huh akong ma isip na title.

ano po ba ang magandang project related in agricultural
pwde po ba mag pa tolog sayo

suggest for title for making thesis

magandang title po para sa school

hahay same tau ng gagamitin hirap mag icp nohhaizt

am an IT student and am looking for the best thesis projects. i am using java for programming and mysql for database. help me. contact me at [email protected]

can u give me a sample program of any system in Visual basics i need it for my thesis thanks here's my email [email protected] if you have kindly send to me thanks LOL :D

can you help us teach what are the codings of the ff.
search,update,add & edit..thnx in advance

[email protected]

anung coding ba kelangan mo? ADODB o ADODC?

=>> <<==

What system duds

pls can you help me in my thesis im a computer science can you help me with my system.. my topic is about INTERACTIVE SYSTEM FOR SPECIAL TYPES OF POLAR EQUATION need namin iaplly ung system sa math pls help me for the program

kuya i need help,,pwde po magpatulong?
i need 3 capstone title... wala po talaga akong idea ehh..please..if u read my message just txt me in this number.. 09433921627

thank you po,, sana matulongan mo ako..

sir can you help me to search what is the best and unique title for thesis. i am cs students, i need 3 thesis proposal title....
plz email me here:[email protected]

title 4"patient's monitoring system"thanks

Pls. reps.. help me for my title defense.. what it could be my title?

if patient's monitoring system sir..what would be the concept for that sir?


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