Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


hi i'm rogem i need 3 project title for thesis of i.t

HI ..This is my thesis title ''mproper computer maintenance practices by end users''.but my problem is i want my title related to me..and (magbisaya nalang god) gusto nako alisdan kay para nako naglisod ko..

Hi sir,patulong nga po.magbigay ka nga po ng title for thesis..for comsci po

boss pwede bang makahingi na kunting tulong graphics major po ako sana po matulongan ngoko sana po ung bibigay nyong title relate sa graphics major nyo nlang po ko [email protected]

Help naman po kailangan ko po ng title related sa CSS or ICT help naman po please!

Good afternoon sir, ask lang po kung anu maganda sa system development cycle, any suggestions sir, thank you

Hi. If its okay, can I ask a help sir? i need help for the title thesis for my research 2 this sem, it is a system, atleast 3 titles if its okay. I hope you help me.

Hi po pwedi nio ba akong bigyan ng title para sa capstone 1 namin ..yung mobile apps po. needed po talaga salamat po..eto po email add q [email protected]

Hi po, sana active pa tong forum if ever active po i just want to ask if meron kayong sytem ng Tailoring / Dress Shop system or Ticketing airline system kasi eto sana yung iniisip kong system for our Software engineering subj. or hingi sana po ako ng payo nyo for any system suggestion hopefully makareply po kayo dito eto po yung gmail ko [email protected] thank you :) and God bless po

please help me po need ko po 3 titles for thesis yung unique po. ito po yung email ko [email protected] tnx po

pa advice naman po ng title...yung simple but unique po..madaling hanapan ng RRl..tnx po

Ano po magandang thesis title para sa inventory system?

Can you please help me to understand the ff. I just need also the details or features and also synopsis about the ff.. please text me if it is already done.. please thanks in advance..

1. Web and Mobile Based School Publication System with Forum
2. Web Based Student Performance System for K-12
3. Mobile Based Personal Portfolio App available in iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

guys pa help po..penge po ako idea kung anong mgndang gawin pang thesis about android po

Pwede po makahingi ng title ng thesi , wala pa po kasi kaming maisip eh , salamat po in advanced.

mga sir pa help kung merong pa kayung alam na tiltle for networking major thanks ,,.,mahirap pong mkapagdecide thanks

Hi i'm IT students and i'm graduating student i have thesis the title is "Scheduling System" we need your help to make our a system pleasee help us... thank you.

hi po pa help naman po sa aming thesis may title na po kmi "Scheduling system" patulong naman po (: (: Kailagan lang po matapos pleaseee..

CS student-patulong po, may background ako sa PHP at DBMS ano pwede pang thesis po with algorithms.

need q poh ng 3 title... pm me @ fb

Hi po . Pwede po bang humingi ng idea sa kung anong magandang capstone title about environment? Thank you po btw IT student po

Hi . I'm a computer science student and our group needs a title for thesis and we can't decide for a good topic. Pwede po patulong po mag isip. Yung topic po must be related sa data mining.. or AI ..salamat po

Hi . I'm a computer science student and our group needs a title for thesis and we can't decide for a good topic. Pwede po patulong po mag isip. Yung topic po must be related sa data mining.. or AI ..salamat po

Need ko po best title sa thesis nmen


hello po,,can u suggest me atleast 3 titles about mobie appliction?
pls txt me at 09120155025

Hi! sir/mam IT student po ako pa help po need ng suggest title proposal pang capstone gaming or apps po..plsss

The modern period of society development is characterized by the strong influence of computer technology, which pervade all spheres of human activity, ensure the flow of information in society, forming a global information space. An integral and important part of these processes is the computerization of education.

good afternoon sir, sir please give me a title for our thesis and xample of that thesis to, exept the billing, inventory and reservation.. please text me at 09483208920 or to my [email protected]. we past our chapter1 this week. thanks..

try nyo to nagawa daw sila ng Thesis at Capstone


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