Quick Sort Version 1.0

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About this code it is another popular sorting algorithm called Quick Sort. I wrote this code in C programming language Im using Turbo C 2.0 as my compiler in this application.  If you find my code useful send me an email at [email protected].
People here in the Philippines who wish to contact me can reach me in my mobile numbers at 09296768375 and 09226034089. Thank you very much and Happy Programming.
Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional Technology 


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Hello Sir,

This is Anuj Kumar Bhardwaj, Sir i am a student of mca 1st year,

Sir, I have doveleped a new sorting algorithm, which is going perfectly, i have checked that at numerous data size.

Sir i want to know, what should be do furtherly,

i have checked the execution time with the help of VB6.0 C++ compiler (through GetTickCount()) function,

but this is going on different on different-2 system,

Sir pls guide me, what should be do further,

Sir this is easiest sorting method, and I want, this should be come into outside world,

sir pls pls pls help and guide me

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