Student Attendance System

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From this student attendance can register.

an auto email will generate and sent to student/parents for absenteeism.

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i think this website help me to done my final project....

morning sir/miss..i would like to ask help from you to guide me develop attendance system using php script..perhaps some sample code will be helpful for me..thanks..

can u tell me what backend have u used for this?

it is very easy & simple to use it..

Most of the schools have started to use roster software to manage students attendance, staff attendance and for payroll as well. With the help of this app, teachers can view students details in a short time which is available in database and inform students about the status. And teachers can analyze attendance and total number of leaves left for that month.

Nice Project and this project is very niceand also this website is too good i want see again this website

this project is not working properly

Need html based attendance system project

un gran proyecto, que hace falta pulirlo un poco más,en estamos pendiente de ello,saludos.

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