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Download Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2015

As discussed in my previous article regarding Crystal Reports (CR) for Visual Studio, CR is now a separate application that needs to be installed before you can use it in Visual Studio. CR is not included in any released of Visual Studio starting from version 2010. So in order to use CR for Visual Studio 2015, all you need to do is download the right version for this. CR comes with different

Google Promotes Android Apps On Chromebook Setup

Google is in the pursuit of bridging the gap between the Chrome OS and Android. It is visibly in line with its 'Better Together' initiative which is continually pushed by the technological giant. Previously, in 2016, Google made an announcement that Chrome OS is supporting Android apps. However, during that time, only six Chromebooks provide support to Android apps and there are bugs and problems

5 Excellent, Useful Python Resources For Programmers

Python, a high-level general-purpose programming language, is undeniably one of those that are widely used in the field. It is often utilized in web development, mathematical calculation, data analysis, and task automation. Created by Guido van Rossum, it is also one of the highest-paying programming languages. Are you also one of those who are using Python programming language? In case you have

What To Consider in Building Your Own Gaming PC

Nowadays, it is undeniable that computer gaming has really come a long way. Users are not only in front of the screens to play - some have even made building gaming PCs a hobby and a form of business as well. Surely, every gamer wants to have his or her own gaming PC - a customized one with the best components that will make the gaming experience really great. Are you also one of those who are

SyntaxDB: Programmers' Run-To Search Engine

Undeniably, a huge chunk of the world's population now is relying on technology when it comes to researches - most especially on-the-spot ones. Confusions are often typed on Google search bar, isn't it? Google is really useful most especially for students and professionals as its instant responses make work easier and faster done. However, in the case of programmers, the long list may bring more

Meet the Great Minds behind the Top 10 Most Prominent Programming Languages

When we will think about programming languages, surely Python, Java, Ruby, and many more will cross our minds. However, undeniably, we sometimes tend to forget about the excellent people behind them - the great minds which created these useful programming languages. In this article, we are going to meet the people behind the Top 10 languages that are widely used by developers. Here are they: 1

Google Unveils Beta Version of iOS, Android App-Developing Tool "Flutter"

One of the usual tasks of many developers is creating an android or an iOS app. However, undeniably, it is a complex thing to do and several advancements in the field like the release of "Flutter" is a big help to developers. What is Flutter? Since last year, developing android and iOS apps is more convenient and less complicated with the help of Flutter, an open-source toolkit. It is designed to

Project Crostini to Bring Linux Apps to Chrome OS

Previously, there were talks that Google is bringing Linux apps support on Chrome OS. Undeniably, it is a good news to many developers as its realization brings lots of advantages that make tasks easier and more convenient. It seems that the talks are really coming true now. Google's Project Crostini Unveiled Based on a recent article by Ryan Daws on Developer, the Project Crostini is the codename

ARM Unveils Project Trillium Machine Learning Processor

One of the giants in the field of CPU and GPU processors is the ARM. It has made its own name in coming up with computer and graphics processing units with the best features. Despite its success in the said field, the ARM does not hesitate to show what it can do in other fields like in the creation of a machine learning processor. Introducing ARM's Project Trillium MLP Based on William Judd's

Google's AI "AutoML" Makes Jaw-Dropping Records

Artificial Intelligence or AI which works and reacts like humans is one of the widely-talked about topics in the field of web and app development now. It has undeniably affected the mobile app development in several ways including the fact that it helps provide a unique experience to every user as it can detect and make analysis out of the activities of the clients. Its reach does not only affect