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Web Hosting

In my previous post I discuss on how to choose a good web hosting. A website that do all the job for finding the top 10 hosting company.

Webhostinggeeks also provide information about multiple domain hosting, free domain names, best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best php/windows hosting, best Ecommerce hosting, and a lot more.

In addition with this, I forgot to tell you the important features that a web hosting must have. 

So here's it is:

1. Live Chat Support - This is the number one feature that I like most. You do not know that anytime of the day you got problem with your website. I have an experience before that I have to wait first for 2-3 days just to fix a simple problem like changing the permission on my directory.

2. Email Support - This is also very important. Although live chat can handle the job but sometimes you need a long paragraph to explain your problem.

3. Ticket System - Any website right now do have this features. But still other web hosts don't have. So make sure you ask the website support first before making a final step.

4. Control Panel - Ease of use should be your priority also. My previous web hosts don't use a popular control panel like cPanel. 

5. Toll Free Support - In case of emergency toll free support is the best choice.

Visit top 10 web hosting site and make a review before you purchase.


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