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After looking at my source code in supplies inventory system. I was amazed by the fact that I am using an old code which is not actually my style of coding.

Although this program works great if you want to calculate a running balance, there is however, a more straightforward method of coding a running balance. If you have downloaded some of my code especially made in VB, you’ll see what I mean.

The code that supposed to be use in the running balance is:

  1. Format(DSum("nz([RQty])-nz([IQty])","Supplies Details","[SupplyDetailsID]<=" & _
  2. [SupplyDetailsIDAlias] & " And [SupplyID] = " & [SupplyID]),"Standard") AS Balance

This will replace my old code that is using a manual calculation for the running balance. If I have time, I will upgrade this program to version 2.0.

Thanks again for patronizing this website.


thank you

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