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Cloud Computing

There are lots of SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) who are looking for the File server which can provide great advancement for their everyday activities. They need File Server for storing and accessing important data for their everyday transaction. This problem is dealt by Egnyte On Demand File Server a company which delivers infrastructure demands-service to both small and medium enterprise whose looking for security and an advantage to access file anywhere. One of the products of Egnyte is the Local Cloud, a file server that offers great capabilities with specific aspect such as offline access, working with larger files and copying of local files, grant also an easy installation.

Aside from these primary capabilities cloud computing can run also in a multi user application such as QuickBooks. Another best feature of it is providing a real time/continuous back up of data, it also give the best consideration for the company for giving a notification in time of failure in operations by giving announcement before the service suspension. “Work locally, access globally” this term is so 100% reliable because Local Cloud provide online file Storage. ELC (Egnyte Local Cloud) is the one to take charge in updating the version of the files. It also provides a security solution like Total access Control, Data Transfer Security, Physical Security, Disaster Recovery, Network security and DataSafe Guarantee.

So if you are interested to have advancement in terms of processing of data to your company with the best quality of service and returns. Take a glance and experience the best solution provided by Egnyte On Demand File Server.

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