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Learn to Code by Breaking Someone Else Code

In order to break other's code, there are tips given by Nick Pettit which he set as an example for the Treehouse blog which made for those who aim to learn 3D programming in the browser as well as Testing a line in a Java script, Three.js

According to the article at lifehacker, you will learn how to code by just simply breaking someone's code.

An code example that uses three.js to create a light:

var light = new THREE.PointLight(0xffffff);

So in order to understand all parts of the code, the only key is to break one thing at a time and make sense with the changes that is going on.

Even though this Treehouse strategic way didn't give a comprehensive emphasis, yet self-taught programmers will be able to become aware with these tips.

Here at sourcecodester, we believed that the source code shared by other members, will one way or another give other programmer a starting idea on how to code by simply testing and or breaking some code.

Another way of learning how to code faster is by using a debugger of the language you're using. Stepping thru code will surely help you understand on how the code works.

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