Open Source Computer By Intel Hits The Shops

So far we have only heard and used open source programming tools but this time, Intel has come up with an exciting idea to make and introduce the first ever open source computer called Galileo. If you are one of those people who like to get their hands on something that is nothing but tools and want to build something cool out of it then Galileo is a gold mine for you. The PC World reported that the cost of the computer is around $69.90 and it will start shipping by the end of November, 2013. Galileo is basically an unenclosed circuit board of computer which is slightly large in size as compared to a credit card. In this board, the low-power Quark processor by Intel is plugged in. It must be mentioned here that the Quark chips draw less power as compare to Chipzilla’s Atom chips. These chips are targeted to those people who want to build wearable devices easily. This is a 32-bit chip and it runs at the clock speed of 400MHz and the preinstalled RAM is 512KB. Some other features of the Galileo board include, 256MB DRAM, 8MB flash, 100Mbps Ethernet port, mini PCI-Express, MicroSD card slot, USB 2.0 port, RS-232 serial port and also it can host up to 128 devices as well. Another same kind of open source computer that is already available in the market is called Raspberry Pi Open-Source PC that comes at $25 only. Those people who like to build wearable devices and gadgets will be thrilled to get their hands on this wonderful open-source PC because they will be able to do so many things that were not possible before. If you want to buy the board in cheap price then you will have to place a bulk order of at least 100 pieces.

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