React Tagged As Most Popular Front-End JavaScript Framework Following Rapid Adoption

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When you will search online, you will find that there are lots of JavaScript frameworks that can help you sort out things as you build a web, mobile, or desktop application. The number of frameworks online will surely make it hard for you to decide which among them will provide the solution to the need of the application. If you're looking for a framework that answers to specific needs, the React could be the best choice for you.

Based on a recent article by James Bourne on Developer, React is the most prominent JavaScript framework based on the figures released by NPM on its State of JavaScript Frameworks 2017. Out of the 13 billion downloads from the monthly registry last year, React took 0.05%. Angular follows React on the list with below 0.025%.

Citing the statement of NPM's chief operating officer and co-founder Laurie Voss, the adoption of the JavaScript framework React was fast-paced. The NPM founder tagged the ability of the framework to provide solutions to specific needs and to be incorporated into other solutions as part of the reason why it was adopted swiftly.

According to Voss, React is adopted not only in web development but even in the development of mobile and desktop applications. He stressed that its over-all growth cannot be disregarded. Reportedly, there are also other frameworks that are associated with the React JavaScript framework like the RxJS, React Router, and Redux.

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