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Learning English Is Easier With Fleex On The Surface

Learning how to speak or understand English might be as easy as counting 1, 2, and 3 for some but to others, it is a thing that really requires rigid efforts. Undeniably, there are people who refuse to watch movies in English as they find it hard to comprehend the story due to the language used. This is where the idea of learning English gets in. While others would opt for reading dictionaries or enrolling to schools that vision to help English proficiency of learners, there are those who might not have enough extra time for it. One good thing is that something exists now over the net to help people befriend with the English language easier. A recent technology report in Inquirer stated about Fleex, a service that anchors on the mission to help people learn the English language. Based on the Engadget as stated in the report, it was unveiled with a Google chrome add-on. The add-on can be linked to Netflix, an entertainment software that offers viewing of shows and episodes. The report also made mention of the settings that could be done. It includes adding subtitles and checking on word meanings in the window that appears like a dictionary. Thank you so much for reading this blog. Feel free to visit our site more often for more informative updates that is surely worth your time. For questions or comments, you can drop down your words below. God bless!

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