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This is an Online Web Application developed using, SQL Server, and AJAX which deals all kind of Sports related products such as sport goods, accessories and sportswear. This website allow users to see items, item's category, articles related to sports, add their own articles. This application has another panel (Admin), who can add, delete, view users, items, item's category.
users can buy items.

Databse link

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Please send the DB to [email protected]
Thank u

I have already added link to database backup file.

Amit Kumar
Computer Science 3rd year student.

gmail : [email protected]

plz send me database

please send the database file to [email protected]
thank you

pls send the database file to [email protected]
thank you

sent me the db to [email protected]

please send me the database to [email protected]

Hi ,
please send the database file to [email protected]

this looks more fantastic

where is database in this projecr..

Hari Bisht

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