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Smart-Saloon is an e-based system in the management and provision of salon services designed to offer a flexible approach to this somewhat complex and sensitive business. The system is to enumerate the virtual entities (employee/partners, clients and the employer/owner) which have formed a synergy that has created a new breed in salon business by working together on a delicate platform.

Smart-Saloon is aimed at bringing order between these divergent entities which from introspection is a business within a business running on different set of principles, however, at the end of the day the overall business objective is to portray a single, united front to the world because that’s how the business is known by outsiders and also its form of survival. First, Smart-Salon is going to build a common interaction platform for all the entities involved.

The commission functionality which was prominent in the old business would be maintained, however with a different flavour in which the employee gets a bigger chunk of the daily takings. This is to make sure the owner keeps his/her role as the controller of the business since cash flows now pass through the accounts department.

The rent chair functionality too, is incorporated in the system and this is where the owner makes his huge earnings. Smart-salon will depict a clear-cut relationship of this business within business or nuclear mode of operation (to the benefit of the business owner and the “partners”) which has moved away from employer-employee relationship that was previously handled by tailored payroll systems and then go ahead to speak to the world with one voice through e-based channels to ensure business continuity.

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Nice System ,Thank you very much ..

userlogin is not working properly

what is the error you are getting on login.

god loves us all

can you post it using php...



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