Crazy Blocks - A Simple Arcade Game for Android/IOS

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This is a simple game that can run on Android or IOS devices. The Crazy Blocks is similar to arkanoid game that rocks the arcade style gaming. The game is simple all you have to do is to avoid the ball from the floor below. This game includes different stages, and you can all also create and edit your own stages. Try to be creative, and challenge your own stages along the way.


1. Extract the file
2. Open the newly unzipped folder called "Crazy Blocks", then open the Assets folder and go to Scenes, then click and open "Main Menu".
3. To run the game on desktop, follow the screenshot below on how to play.

Editor: Unity3d version 5.6.2f1 or latest
Language: Visual C#
Platform: Android/iOS

NOTE: You can also build this game in any different platforms like (Windows, PS4, PSP, XBOX, etc) just by going to "Build Setting" and select your desired platform. There's a code compatible issue with other platform when you changed this, try to supply the needed script as a challenge.

Enjoy Coding!!!


How can i add more stages?

Yhup, feel free to create your own stage..

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