Student Guidance System Thesis

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The purpose of this program is to record the complaints and or problem of a student in guidance office. This will keep track the past record of a certain students by using this program.

To eliminate a paper work, retrieve the record easily, and create a report. I created this program last February 2004 to help the students in making their thesis.

The name, problem, and recommendation herein are just an example only and do not adhere to the true story of the said student.

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Username: admin
Password: admin

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sir i just want to ask if you have a sample source code of a grading system?
i am a student of computer programming...a 2 year course..
please send it on my email if you have one...
i appreciate your help...^^

good evening sir. I am Arlene a BSCS student, i want to have example of student information system in thesis. Can you give me?

please send me on matuog_arlene@yahoo.com

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Web / System Developer
Contacts :
recca_flame05@yahoo.com >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

sir can u send the documentation of your library system......because i need it today....until 9:00 PM

..ei, 2long nmn poh,. sales and inventory system ng isang ice cream business poh ang naassign smin ng group koh,. bka poh meon kaung gnun?
..pa2long nmn poh,. plz,.... email me, khimmie2000@yahoo.com
..your help will be highly appreciated,. tnx in advance,.

please..can you give me a code of automated library system....

hi! how to work in the library system thisis? can u can me a sample of my thisis?thx

hello sir can you help me about sales and inventory system?

i will post my code here very soon , i hope u would help me about this. :)

buy to me my system add,edit,delete record is so simple

may i ask you?.
where the thesis recommendation of the student guidance system thesis?

hi sir..can you help me how to code the inventory system of pharmacy?

plz help us in making our system the computerized library monitoring system for our thesis....and some sort of documentation.tnx plz send me to my email(arschiel@yahoo.com)

nka online b u?i nid ur 2long documentation of ur student guidance info.system n0w n..t0m npu kz defense amin eh..

nka online b u?i nid ur 2long documentation of ur student guidance info.system n0w n..t0m npu kz defense amin eh..e2 poh email add q leaalberto@yahoo.com

"Online student Info Sys.(SIS)"

please help me using PL .Php
im kinda getting tired of making it work T-T
help me sir please
i'm joperson mari, BSIT student, major in programming on web development...
help me please im on my own

Can you please help me to create a Student Medical Information System.
It is for my Thesis.
I badly need your help!
Thank you!

Still need a help for your thesis?

PM me at johnnyraventray@gmail.com


hi sir..can u give a sample program about library system for my thesis this sem.
plz help me sir...

If you guys nid a web developer focusing on WEB BASED Application.. try to contact m tru x_marakulyo_x >> YM


can you give me some sort of examples of web based system,i need a new and powerful system..Tnx a lot..
pls. email me..new_erahhh_30@yahoo.com
tnx..hope you could help me..

i need a BASIC code that calculates students result and grade.


kuya bukod sa adodc may ibang program pa to connect vb6 to access please help me i nee to know the code to how can i search all fields using 1 fields example if i put student number then all information will be pop up in the textbox.....please help me add me in my facebook account and YM ivonbernabe@yahoo.com thanks

Hi sir ! plz help us in making our system the applicants file management system for our thesis, and some sort of documentation.tnx plz send me to my email(nancycudiamat@ymail.com)

sir can you give an example of thesis title?pls email me dlluangco@gmail.com

sir can you give me some example of thesis of erolment system
pls email joy_bhe143@yahoo.com

sir,kindly help me.can you give some example system/thesis?kindly send to my email.tnx sir.w8 q n lng poh..bulauanfolren@gmil.com..

hai sir!!! can you help me to my thesis...it's all about student guidance record system..please help poh,,

here is my email address: firstluv_ph@yahoo.com
pls sir i really need ur help,,Thank you :-)

sir can you give me some titles please sir...i need it tonight send to this email fs_cutierish@yahoo.com

I have been obliged to make an inventory system..
and for the start i have to make a scope and limitation of it...
can anyone help me?

Do you have any Documentation of Computerized Enrollment System? If you have, please reply with this message...

Thanks in advance.

good evening can you help me!? do you have the documentation of enrollment system and the sourcecode
plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dis is my email add jorose_10@yahoo.com

& my digit:


plzzz.... send to my e-mail the documentation of enrollment system i ned it asap.! thanks...

hai sir!!! can you help me to my thesis...it's all about enrollment system..please help poh,,

here is my email address: firstluv_ph@yahoo.com
pls sir i really need ur help,,Thank you :-)

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Contact me for enrollment system


Web / System Developer
Contacts :
recca_flame05@yahoo.com >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

is it for free?

girl here from cebu and its really important system because it is our project and i hope you can help m,e with this problem...

how's your day?

sir can you help us to our thesis entitled "Development and Implementation and Computerized Sales and Inventory System with SMS Notification"

we nid a hardware using Barcode Scanner for Inventory purposes and for delivery transaction we nid to use a SMS notification for the confirmation that the products has been delivered.

hope you can help us.....

tenks sir

if you have an information about that pls email us maedelacruz028@yahoo.com

hi sir, can u please help us with our it special project, heres my facebook account, graemelou_18@yahoo.com, thanks

can anyone help us where to get a review of related literature for our thesis entitled enrollment system and record management system contact me to this no.

send it to my email

thanks a lot..

please help us for our it project automated registration system using vb.net

thank you and we hope for your reply.

here's my email

i need your reply ...


hi guyz...please help us the flow of a billing system,,,an offline one using the vb6...please siR helps us...


help !!!

proposal project about a computer system inventory (laundry shop to be specific )

repy here :))



09233173498..contact me!!!

,,anyone can help me to do our project proposal?..
..our project proposal about the Library inventory system..
..anybody who help me please email to my account..


//i hope anyone can help me..
..thank you!!..

Can you help me!? do you have the documentation of Point-of-Sale System and the sourcecode
plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's my email add: ken_ayuha@yahoo.com

plz help me poh!!!!!!!!!!!!

can u pls help me doing my proposed system in internet cafe???
here's my account in yahoo

thank you..godbles

please help me in doing our program about "library system"using foxpro or vb.net.can you plz cnd me the code of this program?please i am begging for your support.i need this asap for my thesis....

plz email me at:
or contact me @ 09308257927.

Can you give me some example of thesis which relates or related to the Physics Laboratory Inventory and Monitoring System

My name is Neil from cebu city

you can email me at vneilchristian681@gmail.com


sir please can you send me the documentation for this system through my email? this really would be a great help for me.. i a working student and really have hard times doing my thesis due to my workload.. your consideration would appreciated sir.. thanks in advance!!! azterisk142751@yopmail.com...

hello po, can u help me for my system sir? can you give a source code of that reservation system? pls. po.. email to this caths_gets@yahoo.com.. needed po tlaga, im an IT student 4th year..


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