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Dear Friends,

Please check this point of sales program written in VB Classic with MS Access Backend. I used LaVolpe Buttons and other ActiveX Controls for this project.

It has a simple design and codes in which beginners will surely understand. It contains user management form, supplier maintenance,customer master file,product master list ,product categories and sales order entry and etc.

I hope this one could help esp. beginners.

Thank you and Happy Coding Brothers!


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Can I have an example program code of a Class Scheduling System?

Dear Leomar,
All the best for u in Life.
Please could you add report of printed bill.
The print button doesnt print. It is dummy.

Thanks in advance
Saheer [email protected]


check it Sir. If u want the full scheduling, PM me.




Check it. PM for the full scheduling system



Good day!
Sir ask ko lang po if magkano magpagawa ng program..tnx..

sir, what kind of application/ software to run this system?

visual basic

Leomar V. Ramos
.NET Developer

Can i have the full source code sir?

Point of Sales System vb6 full source code send me sir my id [email protected]

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