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This is the complete database system,but there are some others panel in that software u can develop by urself like staff registration panel etc...I develop this software to help our student association here in india-hyderabad.I decided to share with u guys so as to learn something from this system,try to learn codes and understand them.

1-Database(Ms Access)
2-Cystal Report v8.5

This is version 1.0, but soon i ll develop version 2.0 by using
3-Ms Visual Studio 2010 i.e using vb.net
So be ready for it,it will be fantastic and good looking UI..

Username: admin
Password: 1234

If u try to open report is better if u have cystal report installed in your computer,because sometym this error may occur "Can not find databse" when u try to open the report.
But i hope the program will be executed..

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For those who write there comments and those who sent emails to me and demand for a COMPLEX program i think the above 1 will be usefull to u..

Comments are allowed..

+++nassib junior+++

Can I Have a copy of the thesis of Student Information system this is my email benj_x_01@hotmail.com

ah sir can you give me some program ideas about doing a evaluation of teaching performance in visual basic?. cause i dont know how to start to do that program!...
This is my email > kb_cemetara@yahoo.com

hi sir can plzzz help, i want to learn more in java im a 2nd year collage student and i think my knowledge is not enough to create my own program so can you plzz help me sir you may email on this siaaronian@yahoo.com
thank you

hi, bro
when i open the software and given the user name (admin) and password (1234), the system give me a error like this ( "Run-time error '339';
Component 'Crystal32.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered. a file missing or invalid). please tell me about this error.


thanks bro.gonna use yo ideas for my project

Sir can you please send me a copy of the complete information system program sir

can i have a copy of your thesis Student Information System.
please send me to my email katrinabuted@rocketmail.com

sir i need dos printing commands to use in vb6,
i tried many types of initial commands but not succeeded yet, sinu311@gmail.com is my email .. sir pls help me , how to print in dos mode with vb6

sir please give me a link to download a complete school management software which can i edit ,sent link on my email sir please thanx u in advance

sir,can u help me to find, many title of thesis project?

i need a synopsis for student information system or else for college database project.
plz send me fast as soon as possible it's urgent to this email
Email id : rohit_rohit8955@yahoo.com
hearing reply from you soon.

U can call it SMS(STUDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM),i think this is good..

i have already emailed u..check yor inbox..

thanks for source dude!!!!

i am apriciate to develop the siurce code programs.

cool dude..

Your applicaton is really good. You can call it School Management System. But i think you should use ADODB Login in your program :


PrivateSub CmdLogin_Click()

set rs=new adodb.recordset
with rs
.open"Select * from Datas where Name='" & txtName.text &"' and password='" & txtPassword.text &"'",conn,2,3

if .eof then
msgbox "Wrong Password or user Name"


msgbox "Login was successfull",vbinformation

unload me

end if
end with

Can you help us in our IT Research??..We are doing a Student Information System with Barcode Reader using VB 6...we need a related literature....tnks

Thank u for ur idea..the one that i gave to the association i use adodb for login,this i ddnt use because i was in hurry to upload for u guys...but thank u so much...

can u send a full information concerning that project to my email address nass_ibra@hotmail.com...ok

can u send a full information concerning that project to my email address nass_ibra@hotmail.com...ok

+++nassib junior+++

Why the data is not gettin stored in the backup database(Ms Access).Reply soon

plz mail me synopsis sir vry urgent abd i hav 2 submitt it plz help me plz mail me at naughtyshamur@yahoo.com...

thanks bady

hi Do you have now a version of Student Information system using VB.net

about student information system using vb.net am still work on it...so soon it will be posted...now am doing a company project , the deal is to develop software which will perform credit and debit transactions plus payroll system,if i manage to finish this project i ll give u guys some ideas but i ll not upload that project because is company property..

+++nassib junior+++

sir, i am in need of student mark analysing system project with vb as front end and ms-access as back end. if possible plz send to my mail id sir. my mail id is
rajeswarivaithi@gmail.com. already i had designed student mark analysing system. but in that, i didnt generate arrear list and topper of the class. plz help me to do that sir.

thank u... . . . .

sir i want to get the synopsis for the above project can you plz mail that at my mail address ...jecrc.vivek@gmail.com


I really need anybody help because this is my 1st time develop the system using VB6. My system is E-Exam where user have to insert all exam marks in 2 part. Part A : User use OMR scanner (3rd party) and automatic it can generate marks and save in database. Part B: This is manually key in through in database. What i'm very concern, how i want to implement OMR scanner devices in VB6 and how i want to calculate all of Part (Part A and Part B) as a full result? Plza email me to help me tq :


hellowww can you help me about system student registration.. i dont know how to do it.

Give ur email adres i ll send to u..

+++nassib junior+++

Please send details of your project.....to me.....
My email id is:- rajiblochangogoi111@gmail.com

can you please help me with the source code of student information system build in java

i just need a sample...
execute_fs@rocketmail.com tnx

hi can you help me about system student registration.. i dont know how to do it.

.my email is cutie_lev06@yahoo.com

hello sir, can u gave me a tittle for my thesis or suggest what thesis is good for me, 'm a 2nd year it student it is my first time to make a thesis proposal. plz sir help me, this is my fb mail add walda04@yahoo.com.... tnx sir

here is my email address: ndflomo@gmail.com


if you have a complete student registration send me the project so ai can the work that have been done

hello bro......

can you send me this complete project on (vb.net 2005) pls. bro...........

my email address is : manikanta422@gmail.com

can u send me this complete project in vb6 thx this is my email


thx dude

Plz send me the detailed source with vb.net and sql ...plz i am waiting for u...
And send the details of how to change this to any .exe format file.,i mean for install in a pc...i am begginer...plz give me an step by step procedure...email : hasgardisme@gmail.com

thank you very much.

hello sir.. can you also send to me the complete detail of student information system..
It's our project and i really need it..
thank you sir..

my email: yeshin_24@yahoo.com


Plz give me hints to access linking between VB and sql

For those who send their comments and ask for some help about programming i think i have already reply them trough there email adress even though i didnt reply on the spot...
thanks so much guys for ur comments...

my email add is nass_ibra@hotmail.com

my facebook acount is nass_ibra@hotmail.com

+++nassib junior+++

Sir, can u help me or send me a sample code for student information system? coz it's our project in 1 of our subject...i need a sample codes so that i have a bases.....tnx..

heres my e-mail ad...ren_martin1988@yahoo.com

hi sir,
i m doing B.Tech(IT).can u help me to do mark database system in VB.my mail ID is abinayasolaiyan@gmail.com


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