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The application handles the book library transactions in an efficient way.

Book and borrower search on a variety of fields.
Return book.
Reserve book.
Book and borrower details.
Borrower history.

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I download your project but u dont give me passwor..

Username :admin
Password : admin

hi can u give me those codes that u used in library system?????please i really need that......i hope u will.thank u .aiza_mangalo@yahoo.com fb account

hello there,

could you please help me with your library system? flowchart will do, but if you could give me part of your codes that will be a big help for me...thank you so much...
email add: airamnosis@yahoo.com..thx

hey sir... can you plzz send me the code of thie program above.... i nid it for my NCIV... i hope you will read this.... here my email gunz_of_war12@yahoo.com.....

hi sir... im going to have a library system thesis topic... can you help me with this? i need the codes that you used in your library system... please send the codes in my email address: sydneymad17@yahoo.com ... please i need you help. thanks

i am upload my application but don't show my picture. how attach my picture please tell me argent.


I got this assignment thingy,its about making a system of room booking(not hotel room,room use for a particular event espically in university or school)..do u have any idea how i can start this,im totally blank.

Whats that on the top of your main Form..... is that a fly?
If you don't mind can i have one ?

I like the way you made the GUI and the process of transaction.
if you you don't mind if i ask you on how to for example would like to import a marc format record to a database like your system. An example of marc is here:


Which can be downloaded in MARC format and imported to a database. Can you help me how to go with this?thanks so much..

pde po bang magpatuLong?
need ko na po kasi e ..
just email me ..


Kevin I downloaded the file but it is a setup file. Could you please send VB.net project file to marlondb9@gmail.com. Thanks in advance....

can i the codes of this project i really need it for our defence....

We have a project like this one, but we need the codes that u used in your library system.

hope u can help me.

many thanks


can u pls giv me the code at varunkalia26@gmail.com

Thanx in advance......

hello sir,,, can u give me the code of this program,,, i just need it for our system analysis design,,, cariaga_george@yahoo.com,,,, thanks sir,,,

gud day....hi kevin..by the way im mitch,....can u give me the codes that u used in your lib system using a VB 6.0???
just send it at michelleguevarra33@yahoo.com of in my fb accnt at silentrockgrl@yahoo.com...
tnx alot...

hi sir,, can i please have the codes of your library system!!! i badly needed it for my requirements. hope you will share your codes to us...
pls. send it to my email accnt. cindypablo21@yahoo.com

thank you sir and more power!!!

Hi, i downloaded the file but its only a setup, could you please send me the source code. here is my mail: thomson.thomah@gmail.com

Hi, i downloaded the file but its only a setup, could you please send me the source code. here is my mail: maverick_daw@yahoo.com, i need in my subject pls

hi, can you give me the code that you use in this system,i really need that for my project!!! THANK YOU....
this is my email

can you please send me the source code of this project..Kenn_lumanglas@yahoo.com..tnx

Pls .. email to me the simplest Codes of This Program .. ASAP ! pls

i will wait :)

please i want to learn more about programming, and i think this site will help me a lot, please upload your system with full codes for my further reference... thanks a lot!

Hi kevs, can I ask for the codes of your system. Thank you. just email me: gaccipriano@gmail.com

mail me download project link at haidereng@gmail.com

haider ali

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