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This Is a small program to manage a small library and uses some of the basic ideas of Visual Basic.Net, which will help beginners to learn and others to include the code in there program. I have used MS access database without password and used user control to reduce the number of the forms and make the program lighter.
I have included the image file into the program resources folder
This is a version 1.0 program and I will soon update the program and few of them are listed in the about page
Plz put down comments at [email protected] if you liked it or have any help to improve the program
Looking forward

update to be included in coming days
1)email to new users when an account is created or book is issued
2)complete usage of keyboard
3)report generation
4)login system
5)book search for students without login
6)able to configure database location without changing the code and more

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pls can you add database file also .........

hi. .. .

ur project very beautiful. .. . .. . .

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please send this software to [email protected] if possible
very good project

please send this software to [email protected] if possible
very good project

thanks for your program sir it can help me more on how to make a program using MS access i am a beginner as I veiw it So nice

please send a copy of this vb project to [email protected]


sir please send me a library system in vb format so i can see the codes
[email protected]

source code in library system c++

plzzz help me to make a library system that has a log in feature then the transactions. etc... tnx

This is a good program it well implemented. I have no doubt that the developer would not become a software guru one day.

Talking of simplicity in his or her program, I am giving him 99% while I give God the 1% for being God who has knowledge over every subject matter.

So, Good luck to you.

May God bless you!

Let me know if you would be interested in my software projects.

You can call me on +2348052032722

Bye for now!

Lawal J.O. Leader

It helped me a lot I made LMS in C# bt It guided me

please send me this software to [email protected] if possible
very good project, i neeed badly for my project in VB

plzzzzz sir mail the coding of library management system in c
my mail id is [email protected]

can i get the code of the swapping id codes

pls send this code at my yahoomail.. [email protected]
if it is possisble this will be a very good project.. tanx..

How can i Connect the Form With The Database?

plz send the softcopy on my email id....

this is a request sir . . plzzzzzz do send mr a soft copy of the whole working project on my mail id. . . thank you. . . :)

plz send me the project in my email
[email protected]

sir can you please send me the code of this project and the database to this email..[email protected]..Thank you sir

i need source code of library management system

hi your sent me your project soft copy on [email protected]

it is good project.............

plz sent me the soft copy of thiz project with source code to [email protected]

plz sent me the soft copy of this project with source code to my mail

[email protected]

Sir, can you please send me your project I badly need it.
Here's my email [email protected]

sir can you please send me the code of this project and the database to this email [email protected] thank your sir.

I want to learn and do the project of LMS.Please help me to get some idea and do the project.Please send the details to my mail id.
[email protected]

very good project send me this project with source code if it is possible my id is [email protected]

Hi sir, I need you help can you plz send me the source code and project work to [email protected] its do or die situtation

My good gentleman, I see your LMS is very popular. Can you plz send it through... reason is, I would like to create a library management system for a small college that started this year which should just help the 400 students at the college.. your help will be appreciated.. [email protected]

it is a good project, send me the souce code in my yahoo account:[email protected]

its such a nice project and visually appealing. I just want to create library management system for a school so please help me. my email is [email protected] Thanks in advance

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