Simulating a Voice Aided Automated Teller Machine for the Blind

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This is system that simulate an automated teller machine with a voice aided feature for a blind customer in a bank. On the click of a button number , a corresponding number sound is produce to assist the blind customer. Key Features of the system include login system, checking balance , setting atm pin, withdrawal. What you will learn from this project include text to speech,login system,select, update, inserting into mysql using vb.net.I used vb.net 2008, mysql.. To use the system very well , you need to download mysql connector,wamp server and add mysql.data reference from the menu bar in vb.net .For more info email me via [email protected] or +2348067361023

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please i need ur help so so much coz i want to creat my own simple HRM system but i don' have any idea about this so please i need ur help if u r agree please please i bage u

in this application, now avalible the mysql.date.dll

B4 running the system . You will need wamp server bcos of d mysql, add mysql.data, speech references from vb.net menu bar. Then import the database to mysql

Pwedi pa patulong sa title ng THESIS..thanks

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