Electricity Billing System Version 1.0

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About this code I called it Electricity Billing System Version 1.0 written entirely in C. It is a database driven application that uses text files and struct data structure to store and manipulate records in the database. I created this code to show that it is not difficult to write database application using C language.

If you find this code useful send me an email at [email protected]. People here in the Philippines who wish to contact me can reach me in my mobile phone numbers 09296768375 and  09226034089. Thank you very much and Happy Programming.


Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional Technology

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please tell me what is the password and username of   Electricity Billing System Version 1.0

username: 123
password: 123

Hi there the password for the user name is 123. you can change it in the code. Thank s for leaving a comment here.


Jake ;-D

hi do u know how to use php script?im doing a sample of billing system but i dont know wat im going to do...
der is always an error...

tenx i hope to hear comment from u...

do you know how to use php language??

i want programme source code for electric bill in visual basic language

tingnan mo sa code kng ano ang pass at user......

can i get that code..


if u wnt plz send 2 my email,,

[email protected]

that is one of our project in programming..

user: 123
pass: 123

just download the code.. above

This Billing System is very much useful...
Thankx .....

And another think do you a synopsis file for this billing system... if you have kindly mail me to

[email protected]




can u send me the source code of this project on my id [email protected]

where is the code of electricity billing system .plz e-mail me at [email protected]

Hi there you can just download the source code here it is free of charge. Thanks for visiting the site.


Jake :-D

hi can u help me create a program in my subject send me some codes in vb.net pls my email is [email protected] tnx 4 the help in advance :)

can u help me in making a electric billing system with a java code?...
email me at [email protected]..thnx:)

can you help me making a c programm for billing electricty without using linklist or struct


[email protected]

hi can u tell me how to make an electric billing system?

i want same in java

hi..can you help me to make a program of electric bill system too but by the uses of vb?....plzzz...thanx in advance!
heres my gmail account just send it here,,,,,
([email protected])

hi..can you help me to make a program of electric bill system by the uses of visual basic 6.0?
plz help me .
giv coding as soon as possible.

here is my gmail address
[email protected]

can i get that code..


if u wnt plz send 2 my email,,

this email add [email protected]

pwedi magmajor nlng ug multi media

heloo! can you help me in creating an electricity billing system using java? the program can edit, delete, add, sort, and search an account. is it possible? please. HELP ME. you may send it in my email. [email protected]


pls tel me the password and username system of electricity billing version 6.0

sir please send me a project on library system with synopsis as soon as possible................

i need some help! Can you help me in database.. ELECTRIC BILLING SYSTEM with 4 transaction including application, connection and installation, conduct reading & billing, and payments... Thank you for i really need it.

hi can you help me doing my case study??

sir pls help us in our project and also our final exam.. make a electric billing system using c++.
pls3X , it's urgent!!
thank u

please help me in the billing system project for my exams

Author : Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional Technology
Date Written : March 24, 2009 Tuesday
Language : C
Email : [email protected]
Compiler : Turbo C 2.0
Username : 123
Password : 123


#define SIZE 100
#define MAX 100
#define cls clrscr

struct bills
char code[5];
char name[35];
int present;
int previous;
float bill;

void save(void), load(void), list(void), bo(int x1, int y1,int x2,int y2);
void lin(int x1, int y1, int x2);
void lin2(int x1, int y1, int x2);
void ver(int x1, int y1, int y2);
void bo2(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
int ctr, x=7, y=9;

char name1[10][35],ans;
char name11[35], code11[5];
char code1[10][5];
float bill1,grandtot=0;
int present1, previous1;
int rec, kwh;

float gen, dist, vat, vdist, voth, oth, uni;

register int i=0;
int choice=0,num=0,s=0,test,guard=0;
int j, k;
char sik[10];
char pass[5], user[6];
/* start of the splash*/
gotoxy(30,7);printf("Electricity Billing System");
gotoxy(38,18);printf(" LOADING ");

it is excellent very very thanks

very very thanks

"gud day!"
can i ask you sir for vivid external interfaces of electric billing system??
please i badly need it..

hi.... i want help how to write the electric bill by using only sruct

nangangailangn po ako ng banking system gawa sa vb...
can you help me...

i badly needed it...

pls,,send it to my email : [email protected]
thanks a lot.......

hi i'm trying to do a final project based on software development.i'l going to create a billing system so i need some helps can you give me some ideas??
my mail is [email protected]..plzzz help me...

please tell me about the whole system in billing system,, as soon as possible .. email me [email protected] thanks,,

hey can any one help me with electricity billing system code tat too in visual basic..pls..
if u find send me ..id s [email protected].

Hi please can you help me this project electricity billing using vb..
waiting for yours reply....

Thank you,,



can you help me making a electricity billing system using mainframe please send to this mail id [email protected]

what is the a good and easy to use program for electric billing?i am doing manual encoding on the system that i am using at work here in the province,what can u suggest?need help....

how to make a electric bill using vb.net and with the use of database ??? :')

please send me the project and synopsis on electricity bill in visual basic6.0 as soon as possible...

u r great sir, thanks for the help
i u have time would u like to mail me the flow chart and uml diagram of the same to [email protected], anyways thanks in advance.

regard atul.

guyz help me in our project vb6..send me the codes..please...i need more idea..thnkz

gotoxy ..is it a variable name?? or it is a function goto xy()..both assumption make the program not working..

what are the entities used in making an electric billing system using mysql and .net?


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