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hi. can you help me to create a log in form using sqlyog

Nahihirapan kac ako sa crystal report in with MySql as database..
i have sample database here..

pocode = purchase order #
payment = cash or cheque

hope you could give me sample code for this one in the crystal reports
Pls.. send it to [email protected]
thanks in advance..

I want to source code and database of ms access and I need porject tracking sheet about your software.Inthat sheet included these points .Finalizing the project proposal
Use case diagrams and descriptions
Software requirement specification
Activity Diagram
Class Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Software technical specification
Test case documentation
System Prototype
Interim Presentation (20 minutes)
System development
Test case execution and test report
Final project presentation

please help me I want your email address. my email address is [email protected]

i want some info about the popular language that is usually used today..thats all thank you!!!!

i want some info about the popular language that is usually used today..thats all thank you!!!!

C# and rocks!
SQL and access + LINQ and SQL

keep dreaming keep coding :)

this is the code first put a timer and then

>> set the interval ....

type the codes

Dim str As String

str = this is the name of the form
str = Mid$(str, 2, Len(str)) + Left(str, 1)

name of form = str


[email protected],com animating objects on vb 6.0 thx

can some one help me on how to make notifications in vb 6.0

can you pls send me some examples of your vb programs???

wah w8 mo maga codes co bc kasi ako sa :)
DL ka nalg dito dami kona post wah

nice design

hi! can you give me a source code on how will i make an object move in a certain wall using a database or vb.
hope you can help me...

moving object in vb/
did you mean a simple screensaver?

woe beginner din me hehehe
what do you mean by uploading an excel file?

search an VBA application or visit this

do you have a program that can upload an excel file?
i dont know how to do it in visual basic, and it is part of our system.

pls help me

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