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progress bar. i wrote this code to understand the use of timer. hope this simple code helps u guys :)

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Thank you!!! Mr. cedrick blas your program is working successfully. I expect you will send me other important codes written in vb6 or mysql.

think it would look better if you add randomize function for the timer so that it would look like a horse race..^^<

i added this code in your work..

Function Random(Lowerbound As Long, Upperbound As Long)
Random = Int(Rnd * Upperbound) + Lowerbound
End Function

Private Sub Form_Load()
MsgBox "Developed By Ced", vbInformation, "Progress Bar"
Timer1.Interval = Random(1, 1000)
Timer3.Interval = Random(1, 1000)
Timer4.Interval = Random(1, 1000)
Timer5.Interval = Random(1, 1000)
Timer6.Interval = Random(1, 1000)
End Sub

tnx for the suggestion :) good work

how have colorful progressbar while loading?

hey hehehe i think there'so way to make a progress bar colurful :)
ive just distinguish the progresbar of XP w/c is blue and GREEN on windows 7 or vista.
depend on the OS :)

but u can make it colorful by making of pictures or different labels to load :)

Hey ced... good coding, i like it... thanks a lot


no problem hehe

eto po bang progress bar source code madali lng po iapply sa Visual Studio 2008 C# ?

example :

Loading : (progress bar dito) tpos d2 un (%)

un prang ganito po

Loading : l- - - - - - - -l 28%

Thanks po in advance !

God Bless !

thank you

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