Creating PDF documents in Visual Basic

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Creating PDF documents in Visual Basic has always been a difficult task. Many times people have to purchase controls to do it for them. Not with this Visual Basic tutorial. PDF documents can be created in a snap using the mjwPDF class.

Original from AdminVb6.. Tnx for :) this Code Rocks! Thanks.
Just a Share.

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I am having trouble opening your source code. Or do you have simple projects in vb 2010 express?

Please help.


Peace and love!

Not fully support to create a specified formta in pdf format. Need more features like set "X" postion to diplay specified matter.

hey bro you are posting this program but this is a copy file file from other site. right?

i include the reference and original author of the program. so there's nothing wrong there.. Wat wrong is if you stole a software :) / post a software without acknowledging the author. since then i really appreciated this kind of work. cause not all people know how to do this.:)
GoodLuck dont just comment . Post ur Own Code!


im a computer science student and by now im creating a computerized voting system!! in visual basic 6.0 can u gave me some points or program that can help me to open file using database!! microsoft access 2007 i need your reply as soon as you can

i m final year student .........plz send me a any project topics nd if possible project also for major project............

Online Voting System
Daily Time Record (Biometric)
Graduate Exit Survey
Pharmacy Inventory System
Online Task Management (PC TAsk)
Online Grading System
Online Evaluation System
Credit Management System (COOP)


Mailing System
Messaging System (Info Board) send mms to registered simcard

For Source Code Just Develop ur own and were wiling to h3lp you if u need help.
for bugs and queries post it on forum and will gve u a feedback


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:) download na mga tol... share lang

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