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Student Registration System in :)
hi guys here we go again, i just want to share this simple system. hope this help.
download nah guys!

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nice post.

thanks for the job

hi dear
i need the source cod of student registration writen in C#.
it would be highly apprituiated if you can provide me with it.


ahmmp i dont have time to convert it to c Sharp. u can do it with your own if u badly need it :) im busy with my project. but if u can wait then ill provide it with u.

GodBless :)

hello, Id like to access your program design but it is password protected am i just being stupid? lol thank you :)

can i get source code of student marks analysis system,
it will be nice of you if you can do this...thankyou

what mark analysis system? something like grading or evaluation?

Thanks a lot Cedrick

am highly appreciated your effort man......
hope you will continue your precious art of work....

hehe :)) no problem sir. i just want to share my application. have a good day!

Hi, i have go through your work is quite lovely. pls i need you help cos i want to save data and imgae into access database can u help me with using mail is [email protected]

use the our search engine.. look for the work of admin. save and retrieve image from database

Hello there, just want to inform you that when you try to update one record, the "UPDATE" button is not working. Hope you can fix this and post the revision. Thanks!!!

click on the listview or select an item cause the update button focus when there is a selecteditem :)

Thanks sa Ginawa mo Ced Galing mo

hehehe dont mention it :) keep downloading mah work.. good day

I really liked the Interface and the way you Develop systems and appreciate if you send me User Name Password. thank you again my E-Mail [email protected]

I really liked the way you do Systems and Please send me some College Recording Management systems in C# . appreciate your help Email: [email protected]

contact me here.. [email protected]

hey thanks for the application plz send me your user name and password and i would love to work with you and develop more program systems thanx email is [email protected]

username and pass = "admin". just check it out..

i am use username and password is admin but cannot login,,, help me to login

I really liked your work...i just want a project on Online student Registration systems in javaScript . I'l really appreciate your help..

I'l be waitin for ur reply

Email: [email protected]

l want to desisign a student database in sql that is going to accessed by 12 departments .pls would you help me coz lm a cecent graduate who has just competed a diploma in software engineering at the instutute that lm on attachment they have asked to designed one for them .l was supposed to come and learn from them but they asked me to design one at scchool it was much of theory than practical pls help me for l dont know how to do it .
your help will be much appreciated
thank you

hiiii cedrik...this is pranitha i need to do the project on student online resources for that i need a source code for student registration form.could you please help me....

hi cedrik this is pranitha i need to develop a project on student online resources for that i need the source code for student registration form will u plz help me....

i m in 6th sem nd my minor project is ONLINE EXAM i have a need 0f student registration form can u do this ....

am looking for same kind of program, its awesome but need Image in that you have other post or program which has Image too.
I want complete reg of user with my web cam, and some crystal report or dataviewreports for as ack,

can you give a program of student registration that have a log in and log out....

can you tell the username and password for program

Username and Password is

tanong ko lang kung bakit connection failed ako.. meron naman ako ms access =_=

I want to open ur project so it's ask user name and password plz give that

u helping a lotta people man, I appreciate the effort

many thanks to you, God Bless!

I am badly needed a source code for this program, and hoping this would help for my project thanks God Speed.

i want help fro you

wheres is the file?

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