Manipulating SQL Server 2008 in VB.NET 2010

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' simple tutorial on how to interact to SQL SERVER DATABASE 2008 using Visual Basic.Net 2010
' general features:
' how to use ADO.Net in 2010
' pure SQL Statements (select, insert, delete, update)
' how to use sub procedures with parameters and how to call procedures directly.
' how to use try and catch
' how to use looping structure )(for each)

'if using/creating a procedures always declare as private/public not only as SUB
'in calling sub procedures and functions, always use CALL to make d program readable!

Entering .NET Framework 4

Cedrick Blas
[email protected]

Junior Analyst/Programmer

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irun ko itong program mo, sa listview ok nman cia ngaadd. niattached ko naman database.
my kulang ba sa PC ko? nginstall nman aq visual studio 2010 at kasama nia na yong Sql Server 2008.
my nabasa ako sa mga forums na dun lang daw kc ngsasave sa Bin folder ung data. temporary lang.

kasi po nahihirapan ako mag connect ng MSSQL SMS 2008 sa VS2010 pahinge po ng way para ma connect! newbie lang po ako!

gumagana ba program mo

thanks alot, it's helpfull

dude...alam mo ba easiest way para masave ang image sa SQL as image data type. not just the directory. para hindi maxadong malaki ang kinakain na storage! bka sakaling mkatul0ng p0h

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just Send your msg at my yahoo account/FB: [email protected]

System Developer and Web Developer

>Programming in The Future Technology<

mag hanap ka sa web. marami jan... ano ba skills mo? Prog.languages na prefare mo?

haha. pacomment lang. galing2 tlga oh. imba.

hahaha rosalie! tnx... lol .net kna

hahaha tnx naman.. :) mag .net kna

download na mga paps!

mali naman ung program mo hahaha

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