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ProgressBar in VB .Net

Hi this code for progress Bar in use particular place need, So Progress Bar is used to give visualization about the status of the current process and computer operation, such as a downloading , transferring of files, installation and more. Your application will look more professional if you are implementing a complex data processing using the Progress Bar.
This time, we will create an example of a Progress Bar using Visual Basic.

  1. Step1: Open visual basic and create a new project then, save it as “Welcome”
  1. Step2: Then from the toolbox add a progressbar,label and a timer. And then create another form then, save it as "Main_Form". The Main_Form add one command button in toolbox.
  1. step3: Welcome form double click on the form write the code to form load Timer1.Start().
  1. step4: Write the code for Timer1,
  2. ProgressBar1.Increment(5)
  3. If ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Maximum Then Me.Hide()
  4. If ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Maximum Then Main_Form.Show()
  1. Step5: Open the Main_Form window double click on the comment button, then write the for on message box: MessageBox.Show("Hello").

Step6: Execute the program(Run).

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