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Hello developers! :)
Okay guys, let me introduce you my sample sourcecode,
lot of coders nowadays asking how to use micorosoft report viewer as reporting tool, so i decided to post another example, with the use of MRV RDLC, Dataset, and using Wizard.

Not programatically but using wizard dis tyme.

Enjoy! :) I do recommend this RPTool (MRV), if you dont have much background about CR (Crystal Reports), Best for webApplication and portable System.

Visual Basic.Net (2010)
MS Access 2003


eto ung 1st attempt ko lol haha

[email protected]

System Developer

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Good job done. Thanks a lot

it's what i'm looking for, but i have same problem with *Ohisio John Obiala* bcs i'm using vs2008, please kindly send me the steps in [email protected]
thank you

Can you teach me how can I use Crystal Report?
or something guides tutorial.

This is really very good report as I could see from the Picture. This is what I have been really looking for. My request is can you send me the steps of making this report in 2008 ?.. Because I downloaded this sourcecodes but did not run successfully in 2008. My email: [email protected]
Thank you

Ohisio John Obiala

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