AVS Video Converter

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AVS Video Converter is not just a video converter, in offers capabilities for video capturing, Blu-Ray and DVD Video creation and burning, and, surprisingly, timeline based video file editing, complete with more than 70 video special effects and filters, and more than 15 audio effects.

The program has a compact view, fast and easy to use, and an advanced view, with more details and options for the chosen format.


  • Very easy to use. Just drag & drop the files and you're good to go. One optional step is to choose a preset setting for the conversion, but it's not mandatory.
  • The timeline video editing part of the program has options to export the audio and the video components of original file separately.

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  • All formats can handle subtitles automatically. For DVD and Blu-Ray formats, subtitles are selectable. For all other formats they are hardcoded.
  • More than 15 menu templates for DVD/Blu-Ray format, fully customizable.

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  • Lots of advanced options for final video format and codecs used.

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  • You cannot convert multiple files to multiple formats in one batch. All files are converted to just one chosen format. If you want to convert some files to a format and some files to another format, you have to do two separate conversions.

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  • There are no setting for subtitles, so diacritics may not work as expected, and you cannot change font and size.


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