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This is the latest school management system. Available for all type of schools. will work on Phone, Laptop, Tabs, monitors - any screen size. It is available with 100% source code in PHP and MySql. The features are listed below:

Current features
Management school administration management.
Online Exams
Exam List
Student and staff attendance
Media centre (link with youtube url, vimeo, etc)
Employee management.
Subject management.
Class management.
Student payments management.
Student behaviour management.
Payments Overview.
Subjects and assignments management.
Fees management.
Student assignment results management.
Student search.
Overdue students list.
Student management.
Student-Teacher interaction.
Teacher Management.
Teacher-Parents interaction.
Parents Management.
Parents-Student interaction.
Parents-Teacher interaction.
Records management.
Notification board management.
Management relationships between different type of users.
Online Payment acceptance of FEE.
Stock inventory management.
Semester management.
Reports generator.
SMS Alerts.

School Administration

Manage Students,Teachers,parents.
Manage Students Result.
Manage Notification about School.
Define Classes & Subjects For student & teachers.
Generate Fee Structure for School.
Generate Reports.

Manage Students homework.
Assign homework.
Share homework on social networking sites (facebook).
Manage classes.
Manage Student Report.
Generate Remarks on Student Reports.
Generate Student Attendence.

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Manage homework.
Share homework amoung friends, on social networking sites (facebook).
Manage classes.
Manage Student Report.
Generate Remarks.

Checkin kids progress.
Parent-Teacher interaction.
Get alerts from School Administration or Teachers.

for school management system visit :
the username : [email protected]
the password : admin
the username : teacher
the password : teacher
the username : student
the password : student
the username : parent
the password : parent
watsapp: +2348033527716 email: [email protected]
Please dont forget to like us on

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pls help how the code works . as it is showing Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

This guy is a tricking and phony dude. I know him very well. He is not straight forward. If you want to sell your application. You can and not trick your fellows here, probably elders and seniors to download your good for nothing scripts. In short it is a copied script or stolen script. Let him prove me wrong! Mtchew!!!

Firstly i hate the fact you are from my country(Nigeria) and you are violating the law of open source The so called School Management System you uploaded is not yours and ll never be.the software is form a company called solution bricks i get to know when i saw comments on this upload and i wanted to break through the software and give those that need to use the software free access so along the line i saw that you are not the owner of the software so i stopped...

hi! am try to install but i cant get the email and license... please help

He is fun of that....

the system doesn't reflect its UI

An error occured while processing your request....

The program requests a license ... what is the license

@Adebayo Ebenezer Raymond, just confirmed what you found out, the software actually belongs to solution bricks. i don't know why optimum is parading himself as the original developer of the software. It's an abuse to the open source community.

The school management system needs lisence please send to me

[email protected]

it's really helpful.... and it's four words

Please am currently studying visual basic....My teacher ask us to create a simple software that have two textboxes for 30%, 70% entering, five labels for the students name, ID, subject, class and the teachers name. The software should pick the teachers name from notepad and the students name from excel. We should design a template where the results will be store for each student. The excel sheets should be named with the students name. I suppose to submit it on the 10th of August, 217.
Please my email is [email protected]. Thanks.

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